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Mission Flare by Mathews Archery Review

Marjorie Moss Mission Flare


I sit in the brush blind on the edge of my camp seat and watch as the buck walks into view. He stops twenty-five yards from me. I draw back the string, peer past the sight, and release the arrow.


This is the daydream that plays through my mind as I sit in the brush blind with the Mission Flare resting on my lap. There is little else on my mind besides the woods, the deer, and the bow. That’s just how it should be. And that is how Mathews has engineered the Mission Flare to perform.


You see, I am not thinking about the bow fitting in my hand just right. I am not worried about the bow getting too heavy in my arms. I am not concerned about the draw length being too long or not long enough for me. I am not expecting the arrow to fall off the arrow rest. I am not fretting about whether the pins are set at the right place.


The Mission Flare is taking on all these worries, leaving me to concentrate on what I can control: my place in the woods, my concentration on the movements around me, my breathing, my draw, and my release.

Mission Flare Review

Mission takes great pride in building bows that outperform. This is no different with the Flare, Mission’s first bow designed specifically for women. This fantastic bow is made for the serious hunter who requires a smooth draw, high speed, and precision.

The Mission Flare is everything a smaller-framed shooter wants in a bow. It is lightweight, slightly smaller in size, and adjustable. The advantages are obvious: the weight and size of the Flare make this bow highly maneuverable in every hunting scenario and the adjustability of the bow allows the shooter to increase strength and improve technique without having to buy another bow. This has proved quite helpful to me as a new shooter. I have never had the displeasure of using a heavier, more cumbersome hand-me-down bow and I have enjoyed the ability to increase the bow’s draw weight as I’ve strengthened my own shooting muscles. I know this is a bow I can count on to perform for many years, from novice shooter to more experienced bow hunter.

The Numbers

  • Mass weight 3.96 lbs.
  • 7 1/8-inch brace height
  • 25-inch axel-to-axel
  • IBO speed up to 315 feet per second
  • 40 lbs. of draw weight adjustment (30-60 lbs.)
  • 6 inches of draw length adjustment (24-30 inches)


Beyond the numbers, the Mission Flare just feels good to me. I think it’s more than the actual feel of the grip in my hand, the balance of the bow, or the smoothness of the draw. It goes to a sense of belonging which in turn leads to a sense of confidence. My Flare is my Flare. Mission designed this bow to fit women and I had the bow tuned to specifically fit me. I feel confident walking through the fields and forests with the Flare in my hands and this confidence is sure to improve my chances of hitting my target.


Ladies, take a look at the Flare. Know that Mission has designed this bow for you. The weight, the size, the look, and the feel were carefully manufactured to put you on the range or in the field as if you belong there. Because you do!


Please check out the Mission Flare and all Mission bows and accessories at www.missionarchery.com.


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Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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