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Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Archery Sight Review

When choosing the components for my new bow this year, I was excited to see that the Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Sight had been improved and offered a fully micro-adjustable version. In addition, they allow you to custom build your sight. I took advantage of that option and used the Revenge head and custom pin colors.

This is a driver style sight, meaning that you can dial the sight up and down to specific distances depending on your setup. It comes in single, 3-, and 5-pin versions.  The reason I chose the 5-pin version is that when I have an animal in front of me, I want my pins to be at set yardages. So for hunting, I use the sight as a standard fixed pin sight.  With the driver, I have the capability to shoot farther than the 60 yards that my 5-pins are set for should I want to shoot field or other 3D archery competitions where shots are sometimes out to 100 yards. This sight allows for differences in style with its many available options.

Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Archery Sight Review
Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict Archery Sight Review

The Revenge head is fully micro-adjustable. In the past when I would adjust my sight, a 1-inch difference at 30 yards often became 4 inches in the other direction because I would loosen the pin to move it subtly, but often accidentally give it a big bump instead. The problem was that I would loosen the pins or head too much prior to moving. If I was gentler with my adjustments, the process would go much smoother. With the micro-adjust dials, I can slowly adjust pins where I need them regardless of how much I loosen the pins for adjustment. The windage (left/right) and elevation adjustments are also on dials so you don’t drop your sight out of the housing or move it too far with a little bump. These dials have made my sight adjustments more efficient and removed frustration from the process.

For sight pins, I chose the scheme green, red, green, red, green. On most sights, a yellow pin is used in the middle, but I have a hard time seeing that color against the brown of light colored targets. The addition of a green in the middle has vastly improved my arrow grouping at that middle pin yardage.

All Montana Black Gold sights come standard with their Photo Chromatic Technology. The Photo Chromatic Technology cover turns purple in bright light to limit the brightness of the pins on bright days. This change limits the halo effect that can happen in high light. When the sunlight is low, the guard stays white and allows for maximum light gathering on your sight pins.

Be aware that the sight tapes that come with the sight don’t necessarily work well for some women shooters.  The provided sight tapes are based on arrow speed. While a good place to start, many low poundage shooters won’t have the arrow speeds to fall within the provided sight tapes.  I used this sight to shoot my black bear in low light in Saskatchewan this spring and I am very impressed with the performance in the field. You can purchase a custom sight with the options I chose from Montana Black Gold for $376 or the standard Ascent Verdict for $269.

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