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Muck Boot Breezy Low Cool Review, A Casual All-Purpose Shoe by Marjorie Moss

Muck Boot Breezy Low CoolIf you read my review of the Women’s Wetlands field boot by MUCK BOOT last April here on HuntingLife.com, you will remember how much I love those boots!!  And as crazy as I am for my Muck Boots, some mid-summer days really call for something less.  With that in mind, MUCK BOOT now offers a casual all-purpose shoe called the Breezy Low Cool.


Think of the Breezy Low Cools as the perfect in-between shoe. They’re not boots, but they have the same traction and same waterproof qualities of the Muck Boot.  And by no means are they sandals but their XpressCool sockliner keeps your feet cool in warm climates.


To be sure, some sandals (Tevas) are great for active outdoor summer activities.  They can take me through creeks and across town comfortably.  But there are some summer activities where sandals just won’t cut it.  I’m not wearing my Tevas through a dry, scratchy prairie or into rocky canyons, nor am I always willing to plunge sandal first into a muddy lakeshore.

Muck Boot Breezy Low Cool


That’s where the Breezy Low Cools come in.  They have the traction and protection offered by the traditional Muck Boots, yet their low profile and design allows your feet to stay cool in the warmest conditions.  Of course, as waterproof as they are there will be times when you step a little too far off course and into the water.  No matter, dump the water out and set them out to dry.  You’ll be dry and on your way in no time.


My latest outing with the Breezy Low Cools was at a nearby state recreation area just south of town.  We tried once again to land any kind of fish (our luck this summer has been dismal).  Well, different lake, same luck.  Not much biting.  But walking along the muddy shore with the kids, watching as they caught frogs – my feet stayed clean and dry!!!  So I will call that a successful outing, except for the poor fishing of course.



Designed specifically for women, these low cut shoes come with all the standard MUCK BOOK features I love, plus:

  • 4mm CR flex-foam with four-way stretch nylon
  • New lightweight EVA midsole and outsole (20% lighter than other MUCK BOOT products)
  • New XpressCool sockliner to reduce friction and heat build up


This all equals up to a waterproof, lightweight shoe that provides optimal traction and keeps your feet cool in warm weather.  What more can an outdoorswoman want in a shoe?


Perfect for summer scouting opportunities.  Or shoreline time with a fishing rod in hand.  Or walking the dog.  Or weeding the garden.


With color choices like Blue Water, Green Star, and Purple Flower (in addition to the more sedate Chocolate/Dusty Pink, Grey/Green, and Lavendar) and Women’s Sizes 5-11, you are sure to find the pair that works for you.


You’ll find MUCK BOOT shoes and boots at a variety of outdoor, hunting, and gardening shops.  Or look at www.muckbootcompany.com and click on “Where to buy” for a list and a map of retailers near you.


Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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