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MyCharge All Terrain Series Review by Bob Thennis

MyCharge All Terrain Series Review by Bob Thennis

I received my All Terrain+ from MyCharge about a month ago and I was excited to get it.  I have been looking for a portable charger to use in the field.  I opened it up and charged it right away so I could test it.

The MyCharge All Terrain+ is a military-grade charger which the website says is waterproof, temperature-proof, dirt-proof, and shock-proof.  I tested all of these claims over the month during regular use and during my turkey hunt one weekend in April.

The charger feels solid with good grip and seems like it would be dirt-proof and waterproof due to the tight fit of the cap and the metal clip which comes over the top of the end and closes down.  I found that it charges my Moto Z over three times before it lost all of its charge.

The first test was to make sure it is waterproof.  I tested this by filling up the sink with water and submerging the MyCharge All Terrain+ in the water for two minutes.  After pulling it out and drying it off with a towel, the All Terrain+ started up just fine and charged up my phone.  This would pass any type of water you would probably experience in the field.

The second test was to find out if it was temperature-proof in cold weather.  I tested this by placing it in the freezer for two hours.  When I pulled it out of the freezer, it didn’t work.  This was disappointing to find out.  I left it out on the counter and checked it every two hours.  After six hours it finally worked again.  I tested this again to see how many charges it would go and it still held the charge over three times with my phone.  So for cold weather climates I will need to test this more, but if you were going to take it with you and need to use it, it would need to be next to your body to keep it warm enough to work.

Next up, I checked its dirt-proof ability.  For this test, I carried the MyCharge All Terrain+ with me during my turkey hunt.  It was a snowy and dirty two days.  After I got done with the hunt, the charger worked just fine.  This I believe is due to the clip on the end of the lid keeping things out.

During my time out with it, I have both dropped it and sat on the charger.  This didn’t affect the charger at all.

All in all I am well pleased with the MyCharge All Terrain+.  It does what it says it does except for the extreme cold conditions.  I use a rubber band to hold the cord that comes with it and this keeps the unit and the charger together.



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