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MYSTERY RANCH® Launches New Film – Origins: OVERLOAD®

The Conception Story of a Cornerstone in Pack Design

MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company devoted to making mission-specific packs is launching Origins: OVERLOAD®, a cinematic look into the conception story of the brand’s OVERLOAD feature and its unique ability to haul large, heavy, and awkward loads. The film explores the innovative pack design which has become a cornerstone feature throughout the MYSTERY RANCH pack lines from its Military origins to the Hunting and Outdoor categories. WATCH NOW.

“I knew that we were on to something that no one had even thought of,” said MYSTERY RANCH Co-founder and Pack Designer Dana Gleason. “Whether it’s a 60 lb mortar baseplate, a packed-out elk quarter, or a four-season tent, the OVERLOAD feature creates solutions for bulky, heavy, and changing loads – the applications are endless.”  

By using the space between the frame and pack, the OVERLOAD feature ensures that the heaviest part of the load remains closest to the back helping users to “haul more and hurt less.” The load one could carry is not based on a product, but rather a principle: to keep the weight and bulk in a vertical alignment with your back. Limited only by the user’s need and imagination, from soldier to skier, hunter to hiker, world traveler to weekend warrior, proper load bearing makes life better. It makes the bearer stronger, faster, more nimble, more mobile—and in less pain and discomfort. Click here for the deeper story.


MYSTERY RANCH is committed to building the finest load-carriage equipment in the world. A product-driven company from the beginning, MYSTERY RANCH designs packs for the job that needs to get done, for the people committed to doing it, with the best materials available and the most durable construction methods that exist. #BuiltForTheMission

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