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Nature’s Paint Camo Combo Pack Review

Last fall, Huntress View became affiliated with Nature’s Paint. As part of Huntress View, I received a camo combo pack to try right before Colorado’s mule deer season.

I have tried other face paint and often found it to be thick and goopy and it often didn’t stay on my face much longer than it took to apply.  I set out to give this face paint a valiant try.

I love that it comes in a tube, so you don’t have to use an extra wipe to clean your hands in the back country. The camo combo pack also comes with a mirror, so you can put it on perfectly anywhere.  I quickly learned is that I constantly touch my face so something like this would eventually turn out like this.Even with my constant face touching, I would still have good coverage at the end of the day.  When you are done, the paint easily comes off with your nightly face wash.

This year, it was hot for the first few weeks of archery season and it was in the mid-80s when I went Sika hunting in Maryland with 90% humidity. This is what I looked like after 2 hours in a Sika blind while waiting for my guide to come find the Sika I’d shot, I was sweating and am sure I had my head in my hands as I fretted about the Sika running off into the marsh.  It was so nice to not have to wear a balaclava or a face mask in that heat. I don’t see myself going back to a mask after discovering Nature’s Paint.  The only downside, is that it is a little hard to put on when you forget to bring it into your tent with you at night and it freezes. Now, I always put it next to me in the tent when back country hunting, I have no problems with application.

The best part of Nature’s Paint is the owners. I reached out to Sereena as she is a strong proponent to women in hunting and I asked her about her why for creating this product. She said:

“With sensitive skin, I’ve spent an endless amount of time scrubbing off camo paint at the end of a hunt only to find my skin red and irritated with remnants of black, green and brown still embedded in my pores.  As a woman in the outdoors and avid hunter I wanted a camo face paint that didn’t irritate my skin and was easy on, easy off with healthier ingredients. So with that I decided to take matters into my own hands and created Nature’s Paint, an all-natural camo face paint suitable for sensitive skin, but also easy to remove, and free of harmful chemicals”

As a woman and hunter, I love that more women are taking the bull by the horns and making products that fulfill specific needs of lady hunters as well as for all hunters. Women aren’t the only ones with sensitive skin.  Nature’s Paint has become my constant hunting companion. You can purchase the camo combo pack at www.naturespaint.org for $16.49.

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