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NDA Offering Six-Month Internship in Conservation Department

The National Deer Association (NDA) is offering six-month internships that will run from July 1 to December 31, 2022. The intern(s) will work with the Conservation Department on research, education, advocacy, mission events, hunting, grant writing and/or certification program issues.

The selected individual(s) will assist the Conservation Department on identifying research funding opportunities, developing educational materials, engaging in legislative efforts and R3 programs, and/or helping with NDA’s certification programs.

About The Internship:

  • This is an unpaid internship, but NDA will cooperate with universities and colleges that offer credit for internship programs
  • The intern must make all arrangements for receiving academic credit
  • The intern will work from home and provide 5-10 hours of work per week during the internship period
  • NDA will provide the intern with experience in the wildlife field and educational opportunities

To apply for the internship, please send a one-page cover letter and one-page resume to Kip Adams, Chief Conservation Officer, by June 13, 2022.

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About the National Deer Association

Formally launched on November 10, 2020, the National Deer Association is a non-profit deer conservation group that leads efforts to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting. Formed by combining the strengths of two long-serving, successful organizations, the National Deer Association has a combined 38 years of action that has changed deer management for the betterment of hunting and protected North America’s most vital and admired game species for future generations. Visit or follow @deerassociation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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