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New Historical Articles Added to Federal’s Website: Trophy Bonded Bullets and BB Tubes

As part of the 100-year anniversary celebration, Federal Ammunition is featuring monthly online content celebrating Federal’s rich history. The month of July highlights Federal’s Trophy Bonded product development and the production of air rifle shot. Content can be found on the 100-year anniversary website:

Like many of the products developed by Federal Ammunition, the Trophy Bonded bullet was created to fit a need. The article “The Climb To The Top” follows the story of entrepreneur Jack Carter to develop a better penetrating expanding bullet for big game hunting. The article lays out the evolution of the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw to the Trophy Bonded Tip, and Federal’s Flagship hunting bullet, the Terminal Ascent.

“Using Federal products in real-world hunting situations has continued to push the company to create new products,” said Jason Nash, Federal Ammunition Vice President of Marketing. “The descendant products of the great Trophy Bonded Bear Claw continue to be our top hunting bullets as thousands of hunters trust them to work in the field.” 

In 1933 American Ball moved manufacturing of steel BBs for air rifles to the Federal Anoka, Minnesota plant. The article “The Unlikely Start” details the proud history Federal had in making BBs. 

“The history of Federal making BBs for air rifle shot is something that shouldn’t be forgotten,” said Nash. “One of Federal’s founding influential partners, Charles L. Horn was able to successfully demonstrate that steel BBs didn’t damage airgun barrels. The manufacturing of BBs was a big success factor in the early years of the company.” 

Each month through the end of 2022, Federal Ammunition will be uploading additional content focused on the rich history of this American ammunition company. In addition to the monthly online content, Federal Ammunition has released a 244-page book preserving the company’s history. Federal Ammunition: The First Hundred Years can be found online at:

For more information on all products and online services from Federal or to shop for ammunition direct online, visit

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