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New Primos Smokescreen and Hidesight Ground Blinds Now Available

FLORA, Mississippi – June 12, 2020 – Primos Hunting, a pioneer in game calls and hunting accessories, announced today that company’s new Smokescreen and Hidesight ground blinds are now shipping to retail locations. The two new options expand Primos’ line of high-quality ground blinds and provide even more options for hunters to use this fall season.

Designed to offer hunters with an affordable concealment option without sacrificing function, the Primos Smokescreen and Hidesight ground blinds are manufactured with a durable 300D Polyester low sheen fabric. This intuitive design allows hunters to perfectly blend into their surrounding thanks in part to the Ground Swat camouflage pattern, and each blind can easily accommodate up to three people.

Primos Smokescreen

The Smokescreen blind continues the company’s revolutionary see-through technology, allowing hunters the ability to see out while not allowing game to see in. The new blind offers 270 degrees of viewing capability that allows hunters to maximize their chances of success. With seven shoot through ports and a 56” x 56” floor space, the blind can easily accommodate bow, gun and crossbow hunters alike. Additional standard features include a triangular door for easy accessibility and aluminum hubs for reduced weight and portability into the field.

Primos Hidesight

For those hunters looking for an entry level ground blind that doesn’t fall short on capabilities, the Primos Hidesight is the perfect option. While the Ground Swat camouflage pattern allows it to easily disappear into any terrain, the blind offers additional concealment options through its Brush Deception™ holders. This simple yet effective design element allows owners to brush in stick, branches and other natural elements with ease. Four large triangular windows allow convenient access for viewing and with its spacious 56” x 56” floor space multiple hunters can stay close to the action.

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Primos Hunting, a Vista Outdoor brand, manufactures calls for elk, deer, turkey, predator and waterfowl as well as blinds, shooting accessories, game cameras, attractants and supplements, clothes and other hunting accessories. Primos also produces the ever-popular video series “The TRUTH” and the television show “Primos’ TRUTH About Hunting.” For news and information, visit or follow us on Instagram at and Facebook at Stream the Language on YouTube at

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