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Nikon Monarch Binoculars Review

nikon2Every outdoorsman needs a pair of binoculars and many of us own more than one set. After using Nikon’s Monarch 7 10×42 binos this season, I know the Monarchs would make a great addition to your collection of outdoor gear.

I’ve enjoyed using the Monarch 7 binos this year for the simple fact that they work well. I don’t know why, but I sometimes have difficulty using vision enhancement devices such as binoculars and scopes. I have perfect vision and have always relied on my natural eyesight to see things near and far. But, of course, when I’m in the field hunting or wildlife watching, I need something that enlarges my point-of-interest. And I need to it work quickly. Mostly, I need something that allows my eyes to adjust to the device quickly.

For me, the Nikon Monarchs work perfectly. The 10×42, of course, refers to a 10x magnification and a 42 mm objective diameter. This combines to provide a wide apparent view of 60.7 degrees. The view through the finders is crisp and bright, almost providing a high definition image. Looking through the Monarchs, I see images that are crystal clear and so focused they appear holographic. The first few times I looked through the binoculars, I was reminded of those children’s pop-up books. Each layer I looked at – each distance – was its own separate image.

I like the adjustability of these binoculars, as well. Every user is different – we all have different vision and come in different sizes. To compensate for this, binoculars come equipped with retractable eyecups. The turn-and-slide rubber eyecups used by Nikon allow the user to position the eyes on the eyecups at the correct eyepoint. What does this mean to the user? A simple twist of the eyecups adjusts eye relief, allowing the user to avoid both the crescent-shaped shadows that move around the optical field and the constricted or vignetted view. This doesn’t come as news – eyecups have been a part of binoculars for a long time – but Nikon’s multi-click eyecups provide easy and quick positioning that works perfectly for me every time.

As with other products by Nikon, the Monarch 7 binoculars are waterproof (max. depth of 1 meter for up to ten minutes), can be used in conditions of high humidity, dust, and rain without risk of damage, and are designed to resist condensation and mold.

Check out the Monarch 7s and other great Nikon products at nikon.com.



Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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