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NITECORE EDC27 Tactical Flashlight Review

It is without question that flashlights are incredibly important tools that provide safety in a variety of situations. Whether you are hunting, hiking, or simply living your life on a daily basis and walking the dog. Having the right light at the right time can be a lifesaving event and this is especially true when we are talking about a tactical situation. I believe the NITECORE EDC27 fits almost every one of our requirements for a day to day flashlight for tactical situations.

Having a high quality EDC(Every Day Carry) flashlight allows you to know that you have a tool that is ready to work. You want a tool that is ready to work every single day and you can easily maintain that gear and know that it is ready work every day. Owning the right EDC gear is like having a first aid kit available to you when you need it and in some cases a first aid kit can be a part of your EDC depending on your level of preparedness. When we are hunting having a first aid kit and a headlamp and good knife are always a part of our EDC kit.

The NITECORE EDC27 Tactical Flashlight is an outstanding option for those looking for a high-quality, durable, and reliable flashlight for everyday carry. This flashlight is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, and features a range of advanced features to help you navigate through low-light situations with ease. The flat design on this light fits easily on the belt and the turbo and strobe mode are simply outstanding.


The NITECORE EDC27 uses two Luminus SST40 LED’s and can have a max output of 3,000 lumens with some sources testing out this unit at well over 3,500 actual lumens which means the team at Nitecore is under promising and over delivering. When is the last time you have heard of a company doing that? Charging this unit from zero to full takes about 1.5 hours and on the lowest setting promises a runtime of over 36 hours. The EDC27 has a built-in 1700mAh Li-ion battery that offers a battery life of up to 37 hours and it all charges with a standard USB C cable which is included in the package and if you lose it, there are most likely a dozen around your home.

This slim high-performance EDC flashlight is is packing a punch and the OLED readout offers all of the data you need to know including the mode, the lumen count for each of the modes and the battery life remaining in this EDC flashlight down to the minute.

The light is just under 5.5 inches in length and under .6 inches thick which allows it to slide in and out of your pocket as easily as it will on your duty belt, alongside of your holster. I liked having the clip but in day to day use I slid this deep into my right front pocket or on a side cargo pant which 80% of my pants include. NITECORE has a built-in optical sensor that detects obstructions ahead after the HIGH level , TURBO level, or STROBE level is on. If it detects an obstruction the light automatical lowers to the LOW level to avoid overheating and this prolongs battery life.

The NITECORE EDC27 comes with a pocket clip that can be removed with torsion screws and has room for an included lanyard or you can swap out your own 550 paracord lanyard to suite your personal style. The body consists of stainless steel material in the front and rear and a composite frame and heat-conducting metal plate to provide a high strength and rigid construction. The body has a PVD titanium coating as well as a CFRP frame providing a bit of a grip on the sides of the light laterally. All this means it is built to last. It’s built like an absolute tank and while we have not thrown it into a brick wall it has been dropped twice on asphalt and concrete and came up without a single mark. What can I say, I am a bit of a klutz.



LED2x Luminus SST40 LED
Maximum Brightness3000 lumens
Peak Beam Distance240 yards
Peak Beam Intensity12,200 cd
IP RatingIP54
Impact Resistance1 m
DimensionsL-5.34″ x W-1.24″ x H-0.56″


Turbo3000– –
High10001 hr 45 min
Mid2003 hr 45 min
Low6511 hr
Ultralow1537 hr
Strobe3000– –

We like the warranty for quality it states:

All NITECORE® products are warranted for quality. Any DOA / defective product can be exchanged for a replacement through a local distributor/dealer within 15 days of purchase. After that, all defective/ malfunctioning NITECORE® products can be repaired free of charge within 60 months from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 months, a limited warranty applies, covering the cost of labor and maintenance, but not the cost of accessories or replacement parts.The warranty will be nullified if

  1. the product(s) is/are broken down, reconstructed and/ormodified by unauthorized parties;
  2. the product(s) is/are damaged due to improper use.For the latest information on NITECORE® products and services, please contact a local NITECORE® distributor ors end an email to


The Pros of the NITECORE EDC27 are almost to many to list. The charging ability of the light with a simple USB-C, the OLED real-time display screen the 3000 lumen turbo mode and strobe as well as the 4 standard modes, the solid construction, the dual LED lens and the overall flat thin profile are all some amazing pros of this great flashlight.

The cons are that this light runs a bit hot especially in turbo mode and even in the 1000 lumen mode. The area around the LED bulbs can heat up and very very hot which can and could create a serious fire. We recommend that while you have this unit in your pocket or anywhere really that you utilize the #2 lockout mode so that this light cannot be turned on without a little effort. The light comes with a #1 lockout mode and a #2 lockout mode and only the #2 lockout mode prevents the light in all ways from being turned on without serious intention.


The NITECORE EDC27 is a new design and the team did a fantastic job of creating this flashlight leaving nothing to chance. The dual-stage trigger allows the entire unit to be run quickly with just your thumb allowing you to easily and instantly activate the turbo or strobe and switch between each of the modes.

The ability to quickly and easily read the screen and understand exactly how much power you have is not only a fantastic innovation but a bit of a game changer. The sandwich design of this light. The ease of use along with the 1700mAh battery and the ability to quickly fast charge this flashlight. All are going to make it a very in demand product especially at a retail rate of under $100.00. Order several of these. One for your EDC carry, one of your go bag, one for you spouses vehicle and one for your best friend so you are ahead of the curve when he asks to borrow your NITECORE EDC27.

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