You put so much work into preparing for your hunt—scouting, planning and preparing never end. So, when you finally line up that perfect shot, there can’t be any room for uncertainty.

Some gun lubricants burn away or build up under tough conditions which lead to jams and other malfunctions. MC-10 lubricant by Otis is a unique formula that can perform in the most extreme conditions without leaving any build-up, so you can trust your gun is ready when you are.

MC-10 is based on aerospace industry lubricants and formulated specifically for firearms to deliver nonstop protection from -65 to 650 degrees. Stored in a convenient spray bottle, MC-10 is much thinner than other firearm lubricants so it can work its way into the hard-to-reach corners of your gun.

The durability of MC-10 is put to the test in this new video from Otis. MC-10 and two other lubricant brands get spectacularly torched. Watch as only MC-10 emerges unscathed.

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