Otis Ripcord Overview

When you’re out in the field, all you have is what you can carry with you. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice excellent gun care. The Ripcord® by Otis is an easy to use one-pass cleaner that fits into any pocket or bag.

The helix-shaped rubber core and Nomex® surface of the Ripcord can handle up to 700-degree heat, so you can brush away carbon, fouling and debris while the barrel is still hot. In just seconds, you can clean your gun and focus right back on your hunt.

With 17 different sizes, there is a Ripcord for nearly every gun. Plus, the Ripcord is made to work perfectly with all Otis cleaning components.
In this new video from Otis, get to know all the unique components that make the Ripcord the best one-pass cleaner in the game. Every second matters

when you’re out in the field, which is why the Ripcord was made to be the fastest cleaner out there.
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