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PABS Delay Her Spay Harness Review by Dexter Blanch

daisyIt was in the hunting season 2010 when disaster ALMOST struck! My prize champion-blooded hunting beagle, Annie, was almost breed without warning, and right before my eyes. As most of you know, hunting season doesn’t just bring with it the sweet smell of gunpowder. It brings with it the breeding season.

For some hunters, like myself, breeding season means less time in the field with my bitches. I don’t know any hunter who would want to risk tainting their champion bloodline with an accidental breeding from another hunter’s pack. This particular winter, I was caught off guard when my prize bitch went through the entire proestrus stage of the heat cycle without me even knowing. Apparently, the bleeding was so light that her coat covered it up. I was first alarmed to her condition when a dog I did not know attempted to mount her.

It was the fear of having a grade dog breed my registered bitch that lead me to invent, develop and manufacture my first dog chastity belt for female dogs. It is called The PABS Delay Her Spay HarnessTM! Since then, I have had The Delay Her Spay Harness tested by university scientists, and reviewed by casual dog owners and hunters, alike. Over the years, the adoration of its users for the harness has been remarkable! I have sold over 10,000 harnesses in over 80 countries world-wide.

dscn0284My customers tell me that The PABS Delay Her Spay Harness is the first harness that they have found that stays in place while it protects her rear-end from unwanted advances. Its unique design includes a back strap which makes it superior to the diapers and dog pants used for the same purpose. Not only does it stay on, but the dog is able to relieve herself while wearing it…”number one and number two” with no problem! When she’s inside during the first stages of the heat cycle, our customers love using our specially designed SANI T Pads to protect their flooring, furniture, and car seats from the blood.

I think it is also important to note that I put Anne through some rigorous training working and hunting while wearing the PABS Delay Her Spay Harness. Down here in Louisiana we run swamp rabbits. They take the dog thru thick briars, ditch banks, thru the swamps and occasionally cross bayous all with no issue. And after a hard run the harness stays in place.

Now, I would never feel comfortable taking her out of my backyard without the harness while she’s in heat!
The PABS Delay Her Spay Harness works so well that I want to share it with every hunter I meet. Not surprisingly, many of them ask me where it can be purchased. Until you can find the PABS Delay Her Spay Harness in your local stores, I would suggest being prepared before her estrus/heat begins and get yours at www.delayherspay.com. You can see videos of the harness in action to convince yourself that your dog will remain protected.

More of us hunters need to know this product exists. The PABS Delay Her Spay Harness will allow us to continue to work our female dogs year round, even when hunting and breeding season are upon us at the same time.


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