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Phoozy XP3 Smartphone Protection Review

Phoozy creates phone protection cases that protect your phone from overheating, freezing and sinking.  The cases offer floatation protection, and XP3 technology to keep your phone safe in extreme environments.

We received one of these to test and took it on a trip to Branson, Missouri.  We took it out on the water when boating Table Rock Lake.  Temperatures reached 100 degrees.  What we noticed over three days of fishing in hot sun, besides the fact that we should have applied more sunscreen, was that the heat from those days did not decrease our cell phone battery when it was in the case.  We had other phones on the boat all day and by the time we hit the dock the phones had lost significantly more battery than the phone we had placed in the Phoozy case.  The XP3 technology is a patent-pending layered system to reflect 90% of the heat generated by the sun.  In addition, it insulates your phone in really cold conditions.

The case is easy to open but with a cell phone case already on the phone it was not easy to get in and out of the case.  Because of this, I would recommend ordering the XL case if you have a cell phone case already in use.  The case offers multi-point attachments which allows you to attach it to almost anything, and you can stash stuff in the case like credit cards and such.  I think this case could be great for travel in areas that are prone to pick pockets as you can attach it securely to your belt, keeping the phone, money, and credit cards close to you.  The case is durable and water-resistant but not water proof so be reasonable in your expectations.  It is, however, sink-proof, splash-proof, drop-proof and sun-proof.

If you need hot or cold protection for your phone or for batteries in extreme environments, check out the Phoozy.  We agree, it is a goofy name for a product that makes sense to us and works.  If you are in and out of really hot and cold conditions, you may want to take a serious look at this product.


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