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Primos The Club XL Ground Blind Review

Club XLThe Club XL Ground Blind offered me enough room this year to put myself, the camera and tripod, and Wade Baker from Central Missouri Outfitters all in one effective blind.  The Club XL, one of the new blinds from Primos, comes wrapped in Ground Swat Grey Camo, which worked out very well for the terrain and the hunting we were doing in Central Missouri and Nebraska.


This year for us was all about hunting new locations and testing out some new properties and farms, some of which had not been hunted in several years.  The Club XL gave us some options and we were excited to have this blind with us to test out this year.


The Club XL is wrapped in DuraMatte fabric and offers a durable low sheen in the Ground Swat Grey Camo.  I absolutely loved the camo pattern on the blind.   In addition, the Brush Deception holders were good for holding in sticks and branches to help us brush in this blind.  We were able to tuck the blind into really tall CRP grass and into trees and cedars.  This blind offers a full array of large windows with SS hooks allowing us to set up and offer silent secure quick detach window covers.  The camo netting on the blind uses Velcro, which I really am not a fan of because of the noise.  I generally pull the center window out and leave in all of the rest.


Hunting in the tall CRP grass, I basically placed the blind in a depression.  This way, I was able to use the top window, generally used for dove or waterfowl hunting.  I really appreciated the opportunity to stand up that day and be able to get my head just over the grass while still covering my movements.   The height of this blind is 73 inches, it weighs in at 19 lbs. with the bag, and offers a roomy 58” by 58” floor, providing more than enough room for packs, chairs, tripod, and two hunters.   The storage bag for this ground blind offers more than enough room to carry extra gear like the Primos Trigger Stick and fold-up chairs.


The Club XL blind offers a level of quality that you generally see in much more expensive blinds and it falls in the mid-range price.  Having hunted with the best blinds in the market to the cheapest blinds, I find the Club XL is a great blind for a very affordable price.  I have only two complaints about this blind (and most in this price range): 1) the use of any Velcro on a blind makes too much noise and 2) the zipper came apart when I unzipped the blind all the way to the top.  There is no stop at the end of the zipper to keep it from coming apart.  It took me a bit to work the zipper back together.  I solved the problem by grabbing a safety pin from my pack and placing it through the zipper about an inch from the top, thus allowing me to unzip the blind all the way to the safety pin without worrying about the zipper coming apart again.


Bottom line: I had mature does within 10 yards of the blind in Nebraska and never got a second look from the deer.   Ground blinds are effective and the Club XL offers the size and height that I want in a blind.  The Club XL allows me to hunt with friends, use a tripod when I want to film a hunt and provides the space and features that I want.  If you are looking for a blind for turkey hunting or big game hunting, the Primos Club XL Ground Blind is well worth checking out.


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