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Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 Review

Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46We tested the Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 this last December during the late muzzleloader season and we had the chance to evaluate the camera in both the picture mode and the all day time lapse mode.   We found the camera to be a great entry level camera for the hunter who is looking for that first camera.


The ease of use for the Truth Cam Ultra 46 is why I would recommend this camera for those looking for that great first camera.  The controls inside the unit are set up and are so incredibly well thought out that you can be up and running in just a few minutes right out of the box.  Turn the camera on, set the mode, set the timing settings and the delay and close it up and you are ready to go.


We tested out the time lapse delay first as I was looking to hunt this property as quickly as I could and I needed to know when the animals were moving during the hours that I could actually hunt.  The good news is the set the camera up to take pictures every 10 seconds and let it run.  The entire process ran for 4 days and burned through an entire set of batteries but I got the information that I needed.  The bad news was that the field only had a raccoon in it so the camera saved me several days of hunting.


Doe Truth Cam Ultra 46The next set up I put the camera on photo mode and just let it set for the rest of the season and I only got out for one last day and I had a photo of a single doe and no other deer in that field.  The good news is that I know where not to hunt and after a bit more time getting to figure out this new set of properties I will have a pretty good plan for camera locations and trail locations.


The Primos Truth Cam Ultra 46 retails in at $159.99 MSRP and can be had cheaper on sale.  The LED filter keeps it hidden and provides a reported 50,000 photos on 8 AA batteries with a 1 second trigger speed.   The Truth Can Ultra is compact and easy to set up and at the price I really liked these cameras for the price and the simplicity.


Check these cameras out at Primos.com.


The following pictures are ones that I pulled from other sources to show the quality of the photos from this camera.