Turkey Hunting with the Quietkat Ranger Electric Hunting Bike

(This article was originally published in Hunting Life Magazine)

Our first introduction to hunting with an electric hunting bike was close to 6 years ago and it was a game changing hunt for us. Late season muzzleloader in Nebraska, and we were hunting a large ranch with public access. Electric hunting bikes allow you to range far distances with almost zero sound and scent. Now we utilize the Quietkat Ranger bike for hunting year round whether that is predator hunting, turkey hunting, scouting, checking trail cams, shed hunting or deer hunting. Quietkat has the tools to get you out into the field keep you in the field longer.

The First Hunt

The ranch has transitions from plateau crop fields down to steep and deep canyons. We were hunting mule deer coming out of the canyons in the evening and having an ebike allowed me to get deeper and farther into the ranch. This particular hunt was an area that we typically hiked in with a pack frame and if we got lucky, a long night of packing out. My buddy was hunting a little closer to the vehicle on this trip. I was ranging farther and farther into the ranch to give him space and to get away from public pressure.

On this particular night, I loaded up the bike, grabbed the trailer and threw on a blind and all of my gear to the trailer. I headed out at about 3pm and got a mile or so back in deep. I set up a blind and placed the bike on the ground with the trailer still attached behind a yucca clump. I got in the blind and settled in for what I thought would be a couple of hour hunt. Within 20 minutes, we had a mule deer doe come in which is what we were looking for to fill my tag. She walked right by the bike and the blind at 30 yards and I took her with a single shot. I quickly took care of business by getting her gutted out, and onto the trailer. I popped down the blind and tied it to the trailer and took off back to the truck. I was back at the truck before dark. That bike and trailer saved me several hours of hard work quartering out that deer and packing it over a mile back to my vehicle. Like I said, game changing.

Predator Hunting with the Ebike

This year, I am utilizing the QuietKat Ranger specifically for predator and turkey hunting. The Ranger allows me to get out into areas that haven’t felt public pressure for coyotes in quite some time. With a predator call and a a backpack and a rifle mounted in the Rhino Grips I can roll just about anywhere i want on these ranches. Sometimes, I have to pick up the bike and hoist it over a barbwire fence used to keep cattle inside specific pastures but it is doable and far better than walking in one or more miles. I have had to get off the bike and walk it down some steep canyon walls but honestly, it is all part of the adventure. I also don’t have to worry about setting the weeds and grasses on fire with a hot exhaust. With muddy conditions, I know that I am not impacting the soil and creating tremendous ruts.

I utilize an electronic call for predator hunting and with the ebike, I can ride into a valley and set up the call in the lowlands and ride up on the hill about 80 yards giving me a wide view of any coyotes coming in. I will generally just lay the bike down behind a bush or in a depression and move myself about 50 yards or so from the bike and set up for my hunt. If the coyotes see the bike, the generally will not react to it laying on the ground and not moving. I have certainly spooked my fair share of deer and coyotes with the Ranger riding in the daytime but you are on top of them before they know it because they generally cannot hear you. I get the pleasure of seeing way more set ups and I can slip in and out quickly.

Turkey Hunting Nebraska with the Ebike

Turkey hunting with an electric bike is all about the scouting and covering ground to find the birds that are gobbling. Riding the electric bike allows me to get in some fitness and cruise river bottoms stopping and doing a quick bit of calling about every quarter mile or so with some small chirps and yelps. It’s not hard to figure out where the truly hot gobblers are and where they are not. In the morning, I can cruise river bottoms before it gets light and listen to the gobblers and the bike allows me to get in super early and quietly.

In flat farm ground fields and such, I just lay the bike on the ground and go in the last 50 yards to my set up. Once I set up a decoy, the birds usually pay attention to those hen decoys or to my calling far more than an inanimate object like a bike laying on the ground. Of course if you are concerned you can always bring in some camo netting or a woobie camo blanket and cover it up.

If you are hunting with a partner it helps to bring in a blind and you can quickly and easily get a blind in on a trailer along with a couple of chairs to sit in while you are hunting and your gear. Having the electric bike at my disposal has made hunting a bit more fun because I am getting to see new ground and hunt more locations than I ever was able to in the past. I can cover more ground and get away from roads where others are hunting and get in to birds that have not been called to all season.

Why the QuietKat Ranger?

I have been testing a lot of electric bikes over this last year. Some of them are tremendous and some of them have been absolute junk and got sent back without even a review. When looking for an electric bike specifically for hunting you want to look for companies with a reputation in the market that is tied to their hunting pedigree. These bikes will be a little more expensive but they come with things like durability, warranties and a build quality that is geared to more back-road or off-road capability that you will not see in many street and city electric bikes.

Mid-drive motors reign supreme when looking for an electric bike because you can get the torque you need for your bike without worry that you are going to burn up the motor pulling out big weight or a trailer. Even if you are not looking to haul out big weights, increased torque gets you places in slippy conditions and steep and deep single tracks. Think of mid-drive as your off-road minimum along with a certain amount of suspension otherwise your ride is going to be absolutely miserable.

When picking out a bike you also want to look to see what the available accessories are for your bike. We chose things like the Tannus armour inserts specifically after learning on our very first hunt that things like thorns and cactus are quick to deflate your ride. The Kolpin Rhino Grip holds your rifle and the premium comfort saddle is an outstanding tool to keep you comfortable especially in rocky terrain. The front and rear fender set is also nice especially in wet and muddy conditions and the Explorer 1000 light is outstanding for folks looking to ride at night. When hunting utilize the 300 lumen red light to prevent the spoking of game when riding in.

We had our ranger shipped directly to our home after ordering it online. Dealing direct with Quietkat.com was easy and convenient and it took me less than an hour to have my bike set up after delivery. Quietkat provides free shipping in the lower 48 states and bikes usually ship in under 4 days. The value of ordering direct is that you are in the system and you can add a direct warranty extend program to your purchase giving you that extra piece of mind for your purchase so you know it will last many years.

Like any bike it is going to require a certain amount of maintenance to keep it running at tip top shape when you need it. Ride regularly throughout the year even if it is around town to keep in shape and be prepared for hunting season. Get a good pair of gloves and a helmet as there is no reason not to think of safety especially if you are going to be riding into your honey hole in the dark. The ranger has made my hunting a lot more fun and it is taking me to places that I wouldn’t have been able to get without an ebike.

QuietKat Ranger 1000w Key features:

VPOTechnology: 1000w hub-drive motor with Variable Power Output Technology allows you to select between Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and Unlimited Modes.

Long-range performance: Improved battery offers up to 48 miles on a single charge in ideal conditions. Extend your ride farther and add an additional battery with up to 17.25Ah of available capacity.

Powerful hub-drive motor: A 1000w motor provides direct power to the rear wheel, independent of the chain; giving you consistent power in all gears with almost no maintenance required. Break a chain? Our innovative hub-drive technology will still get you home with a push of the throttle.

Integrated cargo rack: A heavy-duty built-in rear cargo rack with an industry-leading 100 lbs of carrying capacity that allows you to haul even more.

Updated frame and geometry: Our rugged frame with integrated rear pannier rack has a load capacity of 325 lbs. and provides improved handling when you’re deep in the backcountry or simply riding to the store.

Premium components: Outfitted with an adjustable Mozo coil suspension fork with 100mm of travel, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 7-speed drivetrain, the Ranger fat-tire electric bike can handle rough terrain and rolling hills with ease.

Improved braking: Equipped with an optimized set of Tektro two-piston hydraulic disc brakes and large 203mm rotors, the Ranger’s braking system provides confidence and control in all conditions.

All-terrain tires: Featuring all-terrain fat tires for added stability and traction, the Ranger can handle a variety of tough terrain from soft sand and snow to hardpack rocks and roots.

Charge anywhere: Includes a standard wall charger and is also compatible with mobile and solar chargers available separately.

109 Point Inspection: An industry-leading quality assurance inspection ensures every last bolt and connection is checked before it arrives. Period.

Camo For Conservation: 8% of First Lite Special Edition sales go to support the National Deer Association.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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