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Randolph Ranger Falcon Kit Review by Marjorie Moss

Randolph Engineering Falcon KitIf you are in the market for a great pair of shooting glasses, look no further than the Ranger Falcons by Randolph.  I recently tested them out at the range, shooting trap in the bright sun and .22s under a shady wooden structure.

I’ll speak to their comfort and effectiveness in a moment, but first a little bit about the product and the company behind it.

Founded in 1972, Randolph Engineering exemplifies the American Dream – two Polish immigrants start a small tool and die company in Randolph, Massachusetts, and become one of the leading optical companies in this field in the country.

Randolph Engineering began manufacturing aviator sunglasses for the US Air Force in the late 1970s and won the government bid to become the prime contractor in 1982.

Learning about the quality of its sunglasses through the military, civilians demanded commercial sunglasses and Randolph was happy to oblige.

The Ranger Falcon Kit, which I tested out last week, is named after the F-16 Fighting Falcon, an American fighter jet known for the cockpit’s exceptional field of view.  Not coincidentally, the Falcon’s shield design offers shooters an equally exceptional view.

Features include unobstructed field of view, interchangeable NexPC shield lenses, and interchangeable nose pads. The kit also includes a semi-rigid nylon carrying case, cleaning cloth, maintenance kit, and micro-fiber carrying pouch.

I am thrilled that the Ranger Falcon Kit includes three interchangeable shield lenses:

  • HD (an orange lens) offers crisp vision by filtering out blue light to increase contrast. This is the best choice for medium light conditions and is what I used under the shelter while shooting the .22 rifle.
  • Dark Purple is a great lens for bright conditions.  It provides a fantastic contrast of orange targets against blue sky.  Also great for reducing glare and for use in snow.  I used this lens while shooting trap in the sun.
  • Medium Yellow highlights orange clay targets and works well in low light or overcast conditions.


I found the Ranger Falcons to be completely comfortable.  They are lightweight, the nose pads hit at the right place, and the unobstructed field of view is exceptional.  Beyond mere comfort, the clarity of the lenses was amazing.  The clay targets popped against the blue sky like never before and looking downrange at paper targets was no strain at all.

I really cannot say enough about how natural and easy the Ranger Falcon shooting glasses were to use.  They just felt right.  In no way were they a distraction.  I did not spend one moment thinking about them, which is important when shooting.  In addition, I loved the options in the lenses.  The fact that all three were readily available in one case made changing the lenses due to shooting conditions that much easier.

Today, Randolph remains dedicated to producing the highest quality of sunglasses and takes pride in its choices to sustain the American workforce and economy by creating American jobs and sourcing Made in USA items whenever feasible.

Check out the Ranger Falcon Kit and other lines of glasses by Randolph at www.randolphusa.com.

The Ranger Falcon Kit does not pop up under the Collections/Ranger Shooting tab.  Make sure you type Ranger Shooting Kit in their search area.  Randolph is currently offering free shipping on orders over $100 via FedEx Ground.

Randolph Ranger Falcon Kit- Marjorie Randolph Ranger Falcon Kit Randolph Ranger Falcon Kit Randolph Ranger Falcon Kit Randolph Ranger Falcon Kit - Marjorie



Marjorie Paulson

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