Review: Rattan Pathfinder E-Bike

We have had the opportunity to test out the Rattan Pathfinder E-Bike and at the price point for this E-Bike it is exceeding our expectations. The Rattan Pathfinder is a serious bike at a price point that seems to be about half of what other premium electric bikes are going for with basically all of the same features.

We had the Rattan Pathfinder shipped to us and from the point of order to having the bike in our hands it was less than a week to have it delivered. It comes in a large box and overall the bike was extremely easy to put together but the EBIKE User Manual could be a little more intuitive and better written. Overall it was pretty easy to figure out and the entire package was easy to put together. Our bike came with a full basket which we installed and pannier bags which we opted to leave off for the time being as it just didn’t feel right for our outdoor and hunting use of this bike.

The power and performance of the Pathfinder’s 750W brushless gear hub motor are impressive. The bike provides a smooth and effortless ride whether you are climbing hills or cruising city streets and on wet, muddy or sandy gravel. The tires on this are going to handle just about everything your throw at them with the exceptions of goat heads or thorns and you are going to have to upgrade to some Tannus Armour Inserts for areas with heavy thorns. The bike has a top speed of 28 mph and at that speed it’s a fun bike to ride but for most of my outdoor and hunting needs, I am never going to be traveling at that kind of speed especially loaded down with gear and out with meat(Hopefully).

The range on this bike is 40 to 60 miles and for everything I need from this type of bike, I will almost rarely ever even come close to those kinds of mileages on a daily hunt so this is more than sufficient for my daily use and with the use of the Yoshino Power Bank I can easily keep this bike charged in camp. The hydraulic brakes offer great stopping power when you need it. We tested this on some downhill slopes and it hung in there like a champ.

The LCD display with wireless mobile connection and sync with the Key-Disp app allows you to have more control over your bike and keep it safe. The Rattan Pathfinder comes standard with front light and tail light with a brake light indicator to offer enhanced visibility and safety when riding on public roads. I like running these lights in the morning heading into the stand because I get in early and everyone can see where I am going in on public land.

The high-step frame provides a strong frame and the bike is well-balanced but a bit heavy to be honest. The 8-speed gear shift system works well and was smooth right out of the box with no needed changes or adjustment. The gearing is smooth and allows for varying riding conditions. With the exception of the overall weight of this E-bike we found everything else to be as solid as could be and the weight really isn’t an issue while riding just a little inconvenient when loading this bike in and out of the truck. It is certainly not the heaviest E-bike we have tested.

Conclusion and Promo Code

Overall, this bike is a value and fully loaded at a price point that is half of the premium bikes in the market. We reached out to Rattan E-Bikes and they gave us a promo code “HuntingLife” so all of our readers can get $100.00 off a Pathfinder or Pathfinder ST. This company wants to grow and it is doing it with quality product and a willingness to support the customers that want their products.

Product Specs:

Motor750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor
ThrottleThumb Press Throttle
DisplayLCD Color Display with Wireless Mobile Connection & APP Sync
Top Speed28 MPH
Pedal Assist3 Modes 5 Levels
Charger3A Charger
Time of Charging4-5 Hours
Range40-60 Miles
Weight77 lbs
Controller25A Sin Wave Controller
ForkRemote Lock Out Suspension Fork
Maximum Loading400 lbs
Gear Shift System8-Speed
BrakesHydraulic Brakes
Tires26 * 4
Seat Post30.4mm x 350mm Regular Seat Post
HeadlightIntegrated Headlight(Bigger and Lighter)
Battery PositionSemi-integrated
Height Recommend5’5 – 6’6
Model PositioningOff-Road E-BikeMountian E-BikeAll-Terrain E-Bike

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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