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Unlock Your Archery Potential: Explore Rinehart’s Wide Range of Bag Targets for Every Skill Level and Budget

Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets®, the renowned maker of the Best Archery Targets in the World, proudly offers its customers a wide range of bag target options for every shooting need and budget. From the original Rhino Bag Target to the popular Crossbow Bag Target, and the budget-friendly Badger Bag Target, all three Rinehart Bag Targets deliver unmatched stopping power and durability at every level.

“With our diverse selection of bag targets, we truly have a quality option for every shooter and budget available in the line,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “Whether you’re new to the sport or are a long-time archer, Rinehart’s durable bag targets will help you get those practice reps in all year long.”

Rinehart Rhino Bag Target: Unrivaled Durability
The original Rinehart Rhino Bag Target sets the standard with superior construction compared to competitors’ polypropylene bags that quickly deteriorate from UV rays. Equipped with Rinehart’s Dual Layered Power Band Technology, the Rhino Bag is comprised of five layers, each specifically designed to enhance the bag’s performance. From the durable polyester outer shell for UV stability to the burlap core providing arrow-stopping power, this target guarantees unmatched durability, easily handling shots from both compound bows and crossbows. Rhino Bags are available in three sizes: 18-inch (18-inches height x 18-inches length), 22-inch (22- inches height x 22-inches length) and 26-inch (26-inches height x 26-inches length).

Rinehart Crossbow Bag Target: Precision for Crossbow Shooters
For crossbow enthusiasts, the Rinehart Crossbow Bag Target is the ideal choice. Also constructed with Rinehart’s Dual Layered Power Band Technology, it can take hits from crossbows rated up to 450 FPS. One face of the target features an MOA sight-in grid for fast and simple crossbow sight-in adjustments. The flip side provides 12 target dots for plenty of versatile target practice. Available in 18-inch and 22-inch sizes, the Crossbow Bag Target comes with a convenient carry handle.

Rinehart Badger Bag Target: Budget-Friendly Excellence
The Rinehart Badger Bag Target is an entry-level option that doesn’t compromise on performance. Available at a lower retail price of just $44.99, the Badger Bag features a dual-sided polypropylene cover with a waterproof barrier and a burlap stopping core, delivering the same arrow-stopping power and durability customers expect from the Rinehart brand. It guarantees countless practice sessions season after season, with one side displaying a badger outline and various shooting dot sizes and colors. The flip side accommodates popular fiberoptic pins with a unique vitals design.

The Badger Bag has dimensions of 21 inches x 21 inches x 9 inches and comes with a convenient carrying handle, making it effortless to transport from your truck to the shooting range or campsite. Incorporated grommets further enhance the bag’s versatility, allowing easy hanging and seamless integration into your shooting setup.

About Rinehart Targets
Since 1999 Rinehart Targets has been manufacturing the Best Archery Targets in the World. Today, the company continues to expand on its wide range of archery targets offered including: 3D Targets, Cube Targets, Crossbow Targets, Bag Targets and Range Targets. For more information about Rinehart Targets, visit:

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