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S4 LockDown
20120318_2The S4 LockDown Optics Deployment System is a binocular harness made to protect binoculars. Most binocular harnesses do not protect the binoculars while allowing comfort and ease of use. The S4 LockDown has multiple features that allow the harness to comfortably fit anybody. Walking, crawling, or even running, the LockDown will always protect and hold the binoculars securely to the user’s chest.

The LockDown ShockCord Security straps are used to secure the binoculars to the harness. The durable straps provide tension on the binoculars that hold them securely in the protection cover. When the binoculars are being used, the security straps ensure that the binoculars will never hit the ground. The binoculars are tension-free when they are outside of the security cover, so the user can move them freely. The straps are adjustable, so any model of binoculars can fit securely. The streamlined straps of the S4 LockDown provide a comfortable fit.

The material is lightweight and quiet. The straps contour exceptionally over the shoulders and neck area, and allow other backpacks and equipment to fit over them. The waist straps, chest straps, security straps, and clip cord are adjustable. This creates virtually an unlimited amount of forgiveness when fitting diverse body sizes and shapes.

The binocular security cover is made of a durable aluminum material. The material can be molded to fit around your binoculars. The size of the security cover can be adjusted to fit binoculars ranging from four and a half to seven and a half inches. There is a clip on the front of the security cover that allows the binoculars to stay protected when they are not being used.

20120318_1I have found the S4 LockDown to be a very helpful and convenient. Ever since I have had my LockDown I have not left it home. I bring it scouting, hunting, on photography trips, and on hikes. The harness is hardly noticeable, which adds to the convenience factor. The LockDown provides outstanding features that all types of outdoorsman can benefit from.

The S4 LockDown is a binocular harness that ensures protection, ease of use, and comfort ability. The LockDown is one of the only binocular harness systems that can provide all of these characteristics. The LockDown was recognized by the Binocular Reviews Website as the “Best 2011 Binoculars”. S4 Gear has many other quality products like the Sidewinder or the 720 . Visit for information on the LockDown or other S4 products.