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Saddleback Leather Briefcase Review

This was the summer of meetings and travel.  I needed a quality briefcase for quick trips in and out of offices across the country.  I needed to carry a book to read on flights, a MacBook Air, an iPad, a cell charger, some paperwork and a couple of pens.  I needed this briefcase to be lightweight and I wanted it to look like it was a piece of my life.  I chose the Saddleback Thin Front Leather Briefcase.


Saddleback Leather already swept me off my feet a few years ago when I picked out a backpack from their collection.  The backpack has been a great addition to my travel and whenever I need to bring my camera and a little bit more gear this is my absolute go-to bag.  This summer, I was able to leave the camera at home for most of the summer and travel lightly.


Now, I have two great pieces that I can grab for any trip, whether I want to travel light and hit meeting after meeting or I want to load up the camera and journey across the country.  The Saddleback Leather Company Motto is:  THEY’LL FIGHT OVER IT WHEN YOU’RE DEAD.  At every meeting I went to over the past 2 months, someone commented on this briefcase.  Picking up one of these great bags from Saddleback Leather Company is basically a statement that says you believe in owning something of real quality and you believe in products that will last the rest of your lifetime.  Saddleback Leather has a 100-year warranty on the bags they sell. Saddleback even offers free ground shipping.


Saddleback Leather bags are made by real people who care about every stitch in every bag. You can see and feel this quality every time you reach into the bag, touch it or carry it on your shoulder.  The bags from Saddleback Leather are a little heavier; the Thin Front Leather Briefcase is lighter than the backpack but it’s still leather and it’s well made so it is not going to be the lightest bag you have ever carried.  Of course, with all of those flimsier bags you have carried, no one ever came up to you and said, “Nice bag!”  The more you carry these bags, the better they look and the more stories they tell.


Dave Munson and the team at Saddleback Leather are dedicated to making the best of the best in regards to leather bags and gear.  Dave started building this company in Juarez, Mexico, when he was there for three years working as an English teacher.  He moved around and traveled and learned about making great bags.   In 2006, he moved to Texas, got married and really got cranking on building Saddleback Leather Company.  Saddleback Leather has a serious following and folks are serious about collecting these great bags.  I have had several people walk up to me in airports and ask me if my briefcase was a Saddleback.


When you make gear as great as the gear that the team at Saddleback Leather Company makes it, people take notice.  Take a look at the website and you, too, will take notice.  And you will want to own one of these great bags.

Saddleback Leather


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