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Savage Arms® Releases High Performance Bipods

Savage Arms announces another expansion to its brand and product line with two polymer bipod offerings. Savage is committed to delivering products that better performance capabilities for today’s shooters and hunters. These new bipods are available now in M-Lok and sling swivel options.

Modern shooters and hunters demand the best in their rifle, ammunition, optics and accessories. Whether they’re chasing a bull elk out west or competing at the local PRS match, competitors and hunters want to perform at the highest levels.

The new Savage bipods feature a toothless sling swivel mount and buttonless leg rotation and quick deployment. The bipods are made of a lightweight polymer blend to make them ideal for hunters and shooters in a wide variety of scenarios.

“We’re building a lifestyle brand around the modern shooter and hunter,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage. “Bipods that make training, competition and hunting easier and more enjoyable are a great extension of our brand. These new options were designed for performance. We’re excited to see these paired with our new and innovative rifles in competitive, training and hunting scenarios.”

The new bipods come in two options—M-Lok and sling swivel. These offerings feature cant and swivel capabilities and are designed for a no-slip footprint to maximize performance. They fold up and deploy easily for versatility in the field and are available for an MSRP of $99.99.

More information on these bipods and the full Savage lineup can be found at and a quick tutorial is also available at

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