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SCI Recognizes Abigail Day as the 2008 Diana Award Winner


Reno, Nevada – Safari Club International is pleased to announce that Abigail Day is the 2008 winner of the prestigious SCI Diana Award.

The Safari Club International Diana Award honors the female hunter. Named for the huntress of Roman mythology, it recognizes the women of SCI who have excelled in international big game hunting. Award winners have shown exemplary ethics in the field, remained committed to the mission statement of SCI, and have personally given of their time and energies to enhance wildlife conservation and education. The award is sponsored by She-Safaris Expedition Clothing.

Abigail is the founding president of the SCI London Chapter, which in just two years has become the second largest chapter in Europe, and has raised over $60,000 for conservation. She regularly assists SCI’s Washington team and the European hunting body in conservation and lobbying issues, including representing SCI and its members at the 14th CITES Conference of the parties in the Netherlands.

Abigail loves to travel to remote places to hunt, and has hunted in 36 countries on six continents. She has taken the African Big 5 and has been on 16 mountain hunts. Highlights of her hunting career include tracking a lion to his kill in Cameroon, spotting and stalking an old Dagestan (Eastern) Tur on foot in the difficult and dangerous mountains of Azerbaijan, and hunting the sheep of Iran. She has obtained some very high ranking trophies, including a No1 European whitetail deer in Finland which she hunted without a guide, and an 83lb elephant from Zimbabwe. When at home in England, she enjoys hunting roe deer.

The award was conferred upon Day during SCI’s 36th Annual Hunters Convention, in Reno, Nevada. “All of us in SCI leadership offer our congratulations to Abigail Day on this prestigious accomplishment,” said SCI President Dennis Anderson.

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