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Scott Fox Solid Swivel Archery Release Review

Fox Solid Swivel Scott Archery ReleaseAs simple as archery can be in theory – stick, string, arrow – gadgets abound. Everything from peep sights to pins, arrow rests to stabilizers. All these contraptions aim to minimize error and increase the likelihood of hitting the intended target.


An arrow release is just another gadget, but one I feel plays a key role at a pivotal moment. The arrow release assists in drawing back the string, taking pressure off the fingers and placing the resistance at the arm, shoulders, and back instead. In practice, I feel this allows me to pull a heavier weight. I know I can always increase my strength through training. In addition, the arrow release has a trigger that, when pulled, releases the arrow quickly and, most importantly, smoothly.


I use the Fox Solid Swivel by Scott (scottarchery.com) arrow release and it seems to do the job. I use this release for one primary reason: it fits me. I have small hands and thin wrists, so I need a release that works for my size. That puts me in the “ladies” section, which narrows my choices dramatically. My decision really comes down to color choice, sad to say. I go with the Fox, which was more black than pink.


On the range and in the field, however, it’s not about the color or the brand. It’s about performance. The release clips on quickly and quietly to the string with a gentle flick of my finger. The metal bar feels solid in my hand as I draw the string back. The downsized strap and buckle adjusts to my thin wrist and the soft underside avoids any chafing.


The trigger itself seems effortless, resulting in a surprise every time I release an arrow. I don’t actually pull the trigger, which I know can throw the arrow off a tad. Rather, it is light enough that just a simple flex of my back muscle moves my arm and thereby my finger just enough to release the trigger.


Overall, I am satisfied with the Scott’s Fox Solid Swivel arrow release. Because this is the first one I have used, I would like to try a few others out to compare. I’m curious how different triggers feel to me. I would also like to try one that allows the bar to be flipped up when not in use. But for the time being, this arrow release will be on my wrist as I head out to the practice range and to the woods on the hunt for my first whitetail.


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Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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