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SCTP Collegiate Nationals Crowns New Champions

SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) College Nationals returned to its historic fall schedule at the Cardinal Shooting Center with the International Bunker and Skeet Disciplines kicking off the event on the 6th of October. These very challenging clay target sports continue to gain the attention of American competitors and coaches, with many Olympians at Tokyo having spent previous time as athletes or supporters of the SCTP. 

Using the newly constructed international venue at the Cardinal Center,  SCTP saw one of the newest teams to the SCTP College cadre, University of the Ozarks from Arkansas would take top honors in both of the International Divisions of Bunker Trap and International Skeet.

Top achievements:

  • Lindenwood University shot a 989/1000, taking top tournament honors in the American Trap event
  • Jacksonville University set a SCTP College Nationals record in Sporting Clays, shooting a 985/1000
  • Emmanuel College took the top spot in the 5-Stand event, shooting a 474/500
Fort Hays State University was high team in the American Skeet category with a 986/1000. They started with only missing 1 target out of their first 500 (499/500) and would go on to be the tournaments High Over All team.
Sporting Clays D-1Lindenwood University 1st Place977
 Emmanuel College Clay Target Shooting 2nd Place970
 University of Alabama Clay Shooting Team 3rd Place960
Sporting Clays D-2Fort Hays University 1st Place981
 Clemson University 2nd Place958
 University of the Ozarks 3rd Place956
Sporting Clays D-3Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet and Trap Team 1st Place985
 William Penn Shotgun Sports 2nd Place944
 Montreat College Clay Target Team 3rd Place937
Sporting Clays D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place931
 Indian Hills Community College Sports Shooting Team 2nd Place906
Sporting Clays IndividualJessica Knox Ladies’  1st Place- Clemson University191
 Raylee Bishop Ladies’ 2nd Place- William Penn Shotgun Sports191
 Emmy Zerby Ladies’ 3rd Place- University of Alabama191
 Jared Greenwood Men’s 1st Place-Fort Hays University200
 Hayden Floyd Men’s 2nd Place- Jacksonville University199
 Zach Abbott Men’s 3rd Place- Jacksonville University198
Trap D-1Lindenwood University 1st Place989
 Emmanuel Clay Target Shooting 2nd Place973
 Bethel University 3rd Place957
Trap D-2Fort Hays University 1st Place987
 Hillsdale College-2nd Place985
 University of Ozarks- 3rd Place985
Trap D-3William Penn Shotgun Sports 1st Place974
 Montreat College Clay Target Team 2nd Place974
 Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet and Trap Team 3rd Place964
Trap D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place976
 Indian Hills Community College Sports Shooting Team 2nd Place951
Trap IndiviualsJade Chapman Ladies’ 1st Place-Fort Hays University195
 Gianna Mitchell Ladies’ 2nd Place-Lindenwood University195
 Jaycee Beckham Ladies’ 3rd Place-Montreat College195
 Woodrow Glazer Men’s 1st Place-Hillsdale College200
 Joshua Corbin Men’s 2nd Place- Hillsdale College199
 Lane Ward Men’s 3rd Place-University of the Ozarks199
Skeet D-1Emmanuel College Clay Target Shooting 1st Place974
 University of Alabama Clay Shooting Team 2nd Place972
 Lindenwood University 3rd Place971
Skeet D-2Fort Hays University 1st Place986
 Hillsdale College 2nd Place980
 Clemson University 3rd Place959
Skeet D-3Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet, and Trap Team 1st Place973
 William Penn Shotgun Sports 2nd Place972
 Montreat College Clay Target Team 3rd Place965
Skeet D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place942
 Indian Hills Community College Sports Shooting Team 2nd Place931
Skeet IndividualsKatie Petersen Ladies’ 1st Place-Fort Hays University198
 Jami Garrizzio Ladies’ 2nd Place- Bryan College197
 Tatelyn Benton Ladies’ 3rd Place-Clemson University194
 Kyle Fleck Men’s 1st Place-Hillsdale College200
 Lane Sorensen Men’s 2nd Place-Fort Hays University199
 Hayden Floyd Men’s 3rd Place-Jacksonville University198
5-Stand D-1Emmanuel College 1st Place474
 Bethel University 2nd place433
 University of Alabama Clay Shooting Team 3rd Place423
5-Stand D-2Clemson University 1st Place458
5-Stand D-3Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet, and Trap Team 1st Place459
 Bryan College 2nd Place385
 Grace College Shooting Sports Club 3rd Place341
5-Stand D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place410
 Indian Hills Community College Sports Shooting Team401
5-Stand IndividualsDakota Duke Ladies’ 1st Place-Bethel University85
 Joan Green Ladies’ 2nd Place-Emmanual College85
 Kaitlyn Koenig Ladies’ 3rd Place-Jacksonville University84
 Aaron Copelan Men’s 1st Place-Emmanual College97
 Austin Cagle Men’s 2nd Place-Jacksonville University97
 Coty James Men’s 3rd Place-Emmanual College96
Bunker Trap D-2University of the Ozarks 1st Place385
Bunker Trap D-3William Penn Shotgun Sports 1st Place378
 Jacksonville University Sporting, Skeet and Trap Team 2nd Place370
 Grace College Shooting Sports Club 3rd Place248
Bunker Trap D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place340
Bunker Trap IndividualsLacy White Ladies’ 1st Place-Bryan College82
 Ida Brown Ladies’ 2nd Place-Hillsdale College79
 Chantry Stermer Ladies’ 3rd Place-Jacksonville University75
 Manny Butdorf Men’s 1st Place-Jacksonville University90
 Jacob Tucker Men’s 2nd Place-University of the Ozarks84
 Lance Thompson Men’s 3rd Place- Jacksonville University83
I-Skeet D-2University of the Ozarks 1st Place362
I-Skeet D-3William Penn Shotgun Sports 1st Place359
I-Skeet D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place286
I-Skeet IndividualsAlexis Teribury Ladies’ 1st Place-Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting64
 Kyle Fleck Men’s 1st Place-Hillsdale College93
 Joshua Corbin Men’s 2nd Place-Hillsdale College93
 Keaton Little Men’s 3rd Place- University of the Ozarks

Overall Champions:

The High Overall Lady title was claimed by Katie Peterson of Fort Hays State University shooting a 583/600. Katie improved her score by 43 targets from last year’s Nationals.

Men’s HOA, belongs to Hayden Floyd of Jacksonville University who shot a 595/600 for top honors. Hayden’s score is the new HOA collegiate record!

Jacksonville University Shooting Team, High Overall Champions, Division-3

The High Overall team awards were determined by 200 target Trap, 200 target Skeet and 200 target Sporting Clays:

HOA D-1Lindenwood University 1st Place2,937
 Emmanuel College Clay Target Shooting 2nd Place2,917
 University of Alabama Clay Shooting Team 3rd Place2,887
 Bethel University 4th Place2,851
HOA D-2Fort Hays University 1st Place2,953
 Hillsdale College 2nd Place2,920
 University of the Ozarks 3rd Place2,896
 Clemson University Shotgun Club 4th Place2,886
HOA D-3Jacksonville University 1st Place2,922
 William Penn Shotgun Sports 2nd Place2,887
 Montreat College Clay Target Team 3rd Place2,876
 Grace College Shooting Sports Club 4th Place2,636
 Olivet College 5th Place2,594
HOA D-4Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting 1st Place2,849
 Indian Hills Community College Sports Shooting Team 2nd Place2,788

Networking and recruitment at Nationals

Back by popular demand, high school athletes were invited to join the shoot, allowing them to compete in a separate high school competition. Intended as a useful opportunity for coaches interested in meeting the next class of shooters, the integration of networking is now a mainstay of College Nationals. Additionally, this gave rising athletes an opportunity to learn from college-level athletes and become familiar with college shooting programs throughout the nation.

Next up at the Cardinal Shooting Center: SCTP Olympic Training Camps and SCTP National Championships

In addition to SCTP College Nationals, the Cardinal Shooting Center is also home to SCTP Olympic Training Camps, Spring Regional Championships, and July’s SCTP National Championship, the biggest shoot in Cardinal Center history. In the previous season’s event, over 2.2 million rounds were safely fired as teams of junior shooting sports athletes stepped to the line at their National Championships in an attempt to make it to the podium under the grandstand lights. The 2022 SCTP National Championship kicks off July 9th with the International Skeet and Trap events, followed by American disciplines, side games, and awards through the 16th.

About the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation
The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is 501(c)(3) public charity responsible for all aspects of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) across the United States. The SCTP and SASP are youth development programs in which adult coaches and other volunteers use shooting sports to teach and to demonstrate sportsmanship, responsibility, honesty, ethics, integrity, teamwork, and other positive life skills.

The mission of the SSSF is to provide and enhance personal growth and development opportunities for student athlete members; become the premier authority in all things pertaining to firearm-related pursuits for youth; pass on to future generations the legacy of lifelong, safe, responsible enjoyment of the shooting sports. This includes serving as a feeder/pipeline for organized, sanctioned shooting organizations and teams.

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