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SEEMZ Technology Odor Elimination System


SEEMZ Technology

20111010_KCPSEEMZ Technology provides best in class odor elimination as a complete system and I had the opportunity to test it on a recent coyote hunt with Bryan Clines of TDT Outfitters and next week Mitch Strobl and I are going to be getting the chance to test this on an archery Mule Deer/Whitetail hunt with TDT Outfitters. In 20 plus years of hunting whitetail I have tried just about every single scent elimination spray and clothing on the market. Some of these systems work and some of them do not work as well as they promised. No matter which system you choose, it is up to you to follow the system in order for the product to work.


I started using this system on the testimonial of Brian Clines from TDT Outfitters who has used this product for the last several years while guiding antelope and mule deer hunters in Wyoming and mule deer and whitetail hunters in Nebraska. On our coyote hunt we called a young coyote in to within 60 yards with the wind flowing directly down to him he sat down comfortably in front of us and allowed us time to set up for the shot. I had some old ammo and had to cycle a couple of rounds that did not go off after I pulled the trigger. On the third try we had the coyote on the ground dropped in his tracks.

I am going to break down each of the SEEMZ Products and the steps necessary in order to gain the most benefit to you while in the stand. SEEMZ Technology provides Laundry Detergent, Hair and Body Soap and Scent Elimination Spray.

T.H.E.E. Krush H2O2 Laundry Detergent


Odor elimination laundry detergent for hunting has been around for quite some time as an alternative to UV enhancing detergents that are on the market for consumer clothing. SEEMZ uses a small amount of proprietary soap and powered by Active Hydrogen Peroxide Technology which OXID-ises and destroys odors and the source of odors, clothes come out clean and scent free. When washing my hunting clothes, I run a single load with a touch of laundry detergent and no clothes before I begin my regiment of cleaning my hunting gear. I then run a load with my hunting clothes while I clean the dryer of any and all lint and run it for 20 minutes on high heat. Once the clothes are washed, I run them in the dryer. Once the load is dry it goes directly into a scent free bag that is brought to my hunting stand. Hunting Stands are usually set so I can wear plain clothes while traveling to the stand.


T.H.E.E. Krush Hair and Body Soap


20111010_HairBodySoapHigh quality hair and body soap provides the next step. SEEMZ uses Odor Fusion Technology according to their website that creates a molecular barrio to prevent odor molecules from entering the air. If odor molecules cannot reach the air, the game cannot smell you. What I like most about the Krush system is it comes with a shower sponge that allows you to scrub your skin. It is a basic shower loufa but coupled with this soup, you can scrub off all of the dirt and dead skin that is on your body which further reduces your chances of leaving a scent trail while in the woods. During hot days, I shower in the morning before hunting and again if I come in for lunch. Most days do not allow that kind of shower repetition so I use scent free wipes during the day to stay clean.





T.H.E.E. Krush Scent Eliminator Spray


20111010_KRUSHgroupScent Eliminator Spray covers all other forms of needed scent elimination, this covers everything from your bow, to rifle sling, hats, packs, gear, etc. SEEMZ uses Odor Fusion Technology to produce a molecular barrio that prevents odor molecules from entering the air as well as a technology called moisture reactivation so every time the moisture changes whether from hot humid days where you are sweating in your clothes or it is raining or cold wet days this scent elimination continues to work. As well this sprayer works whether it is inverted allowing you to get coverage on your back and your lower half of the your body. This sprays bottle works regardless of whether it is right up, upside down and sideways. Getting good coverage of all equipment before going up into the stand is essential. I usually lay out my gear on the ground in the field, spray down my clothes, my harnesses, my pack and bow and spray down a small wipe to cover my camera equipment and binoculars.

SEEMZ New Generation Odor Elimination offers these products at a very reasonable rate, a 100% money back guarantee and easy shipping to your home as well you can pick up these products at select retailers around the country.


SEEMZ Provides the following 10 step guide for effective scent control:

The SEEMZ 10 Step Guide will help you put together a Hunting Scent Control Strategy. Many people make it much more difficult than necessary, just following the 10 steps below will be more than adequate for most hunters and put you in the top 5% of scent control knowledge and practice.

1. Start your hunt scent free using a high quality low residue Laundry Detergent.

2. Air dry your clothes outside whenever possible.

3. Store clothes and gear in good quality storage containers.

4. Shower using a high quality scent free hunting soap. Use a mesh bath scrub as it helps remove dead skin which odor causing bacteria feed on.

5. Use a non-scented antiperspirant – buy the regular stuff at your local grocery, dollar, or dept store, there is no need to spend $5 for an antiperspirant marketed for hunters they are all the same.

6. Dress in the field right before heading out.

7. Spray down thoroughly with a high quality Odor Elimination product, paying particular attention to hands, boots and pants. Your clothes should be slightly damp when finished.

8. Spray down all equipment you will be taking into the field.

9. During hot weather or sitting for long periods re-spray while in the field using a pack sized bottle.

10. When done hunting put your regular clothes back on and repack your hunting gear before getting back in your vehicle.


Repeat over and over!

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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