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Self-Defense for Dummies Available November 9th, 2023

Damian Ross, founder of The Self Defense Company, takes the guesswork and mystique out of self-defense in the new release of the official Self-Defense for Dummies by Wiley Publishing. Damian removes the sport and ceremony from self-defense, giving readers actionable insights into real self-defense.

Self-Defense for Dummies’ practical and simplified approach focuses on tactics and proven principles of interpersonal conflict. With a handful of proven techniques and tactics, readers discover how to easily apply them to any situation. Self-Defense for Dummies is expansive, covering empty-hand tactics, close-quarter weapons, firearms, and active shooter situations.

In this increasingly violent world, the need for understanding self-defense has never been greater. This is why, after thirty years of publishing the For Dummies books, Wiley Publishing picked now and chose Damian Ross to be the author. The good news is that readers won’t have to wait long, as the launch date is approaching on November 9th, 2023 (November 15th, 2023, Amazon Marketplace release). At $19.99, Self-Defense for Dummies simplifies the hard things and provides the knowledge needed to defend the individual and others. 

About the Author:

Damian Ross is an experienced martial artist, bodyguard, first responder, and cancer survivor. In 2007, he created The Self Defense Company, which focuses on helping individuals better defend themselves and others with passive and active skills. With various black belts in diverse martial arts – including Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Jujutsu – the experience and drive to teach traditional skills in a non-traditional format. Damian has learned from some of the best and has written this book so everyone knows the truth about self-defense. 

Damian Ross’s Self Defense for Dummies will be available at all book retailers on November 9th and Amazon Marketplace on November 15th.

About The Self Defense Company

The Self Defense Company provides practical and realistic personal protection solutions through live and online tactical training and concealed body armor systems for every day. Founded in 2007 by Damian Ross and his wife Angela, with the motto, “You don’t need a blackbelt,” The Self Defense Company provides essential self-defense life-saving tools through instructional training in The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) and concealed ballistic protection for citizens, teachers, students, and commuters with their Bodyguard Brand patented bulletproof backpacks and jackets. Damian Ross is a lifelong martial artist, defensive tactics instructor, coach, bodyguard, first responder, inventor, and the author of the official “Self Defense for Dummies.”

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