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Self-Defense Items Everyone Should Own

During these uncertain times, it’s best to know how to protect yourself when you encounter a life-threatening situation. There is an art to self-defense that relies on preemptive action. They say that offense is the best defense. To each tool its function, and that’s what we’re going to be covering here; what best options exist out there and how you can use them to keep yourself safe.

Mace/Pepper Spray

As the #1 self-defense tool used by the general public, this one will not need much of an introduction. Both mace and pepper spray comes in cans that spray an aerosolized liquid onto the attacker’s face to incapacitate them. They will generally be made out of a mixture that will contain tear gas, OC pepper, or a combination. As its name suggests, tear gas will cause the attacker to tear up rather violently and irritate their eyes, while OC pepper will trigger uncontrollable coughing, choking, and irritation, while simultaneously causing the attacker’s eyes to slam shut.

Everyday Carry Knives

EDC knives are an obvious essential. Perhaps the oldest tool of self-defense, it is still dangerous if you are inexperienced in handling blades. You’ll be able to find guidance on what knife to choose by consulting this EDC knife buyer’s guide which provides comprehensive reviews. Their small size makes them easy to carry around and hide, but also quite ergonomic and effective, as well as a relatively affordable option.

Morakniv Kansbol Multi-Mount Knife

Fast Strike Or Biker Whip

Indiana Jones’ weapon of choice, but often overlooked. Whips should not be underestimated, as they can cause quite a lot of superficial pain without endangering anyone’s life – unless you really take it far. A whip is a good self-defense tool to really shock your attacker without going on trial for killing them in self-defense.

Tactical Flashlight

Basically a flashlight that is very, very bright – over 120 lumens of light output at least. These are often underlooked as a very effective, non-violent tool to blind an attacker and buy precious time to then either incapacitate them or get to safety. As with other tools listed in this article, there is a way to use them that you need to know about before just setting out into the world with one.

Tasers And Stun Guns

Like mace and pepper spray, these are all well known due to their widespread use in police forces and interventions. Tasers deliver an electric shock into the attacker’s body which immediately incapacitates them without endangering their lives – in most situations. Though very effective, there are places where it is illegal to own one, so do check before buying one.

There are of course many more options available out there, but these are the most popular and straightforward to use. Self-defense is no joke, and if you can take classes to also train your body as your first line of protection, then you should. No matter what you end up choosing, make sure you know how to use that thing so as not to harm yourself. And remember, keep safe!

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