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SEVR™ Introduces New Match Grade™ Field Points

SEVR, renown for broadhead accuracy has introduced innovative practice points for archery. SEVR Match Grade field points have been designed with attention to every detail.  Match Grade points feature an elongated tangent ogive shape, inspired by high ballistic coefficient bullets. This provides for superior long-range accuracy and easier extraction from practice targets.  Every point is precision machined from SEVR’s hardened Robusto steel, with a slick, dark nickel coating for a mirror-like surface finish. Offered in standard 8-32 threads in five popular diameters in 100 and 125-grain weights. The 11/32” diameter adds a 150-grain option to perfectly match 150-grain crossbow broadheads.  SEVR Match Grade field points have the tightest tolerances in the industry, are weight accurate to half a grain, and concentric to a tolerance of a half-thousandths of an inch.

Get outside and enjoy shooting with the most advanced practice point in archery today.

SEVR Match Grade points are available now and sold exclusively at

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