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Shockey Like Never Before, Sudan And World’s Top Trout In Latest Safari Magazine

Safari Magazine, the official publication of Safari Club International, recently released the July/August  issue to its members, who are sportsmen and women dedicated to defending hunters’ rights and wildlife  conservation worldwide.  

“This issue is bursting with great content,” said Steve Comus, Editor-in-Chief at Safari Magazine. “We  are very proud of how it turned out, and we know our members will enjoy this snapshot of world hunting, adventure and advocacy.” 

The issue includes an in-depth profile of legend Jim Shockey.  

“Jim is a modern Renaissance Man who is passionate about family, hunting, First Nation culture and the  future of the field-to-table lifestyle,” said John Geiger, managing editor and author of the piece. “He’s  now branching out in the book-publishing world and has released a new novel, which may just flip the  script when it comes to the perception of hunters in our society.” 

“Call Me Hunter” goes on sale this summer and has been getting excellent reviews.  

Also in the issue, Craig Boddington takes a look at the amazing Tiny Ten antelope of Southern Africa that  lure hunters from all over the world. SCI recently announced a new Tiny Ten Award.  

“Africa is rich with the little guys in the family Neotraginae. Bush duikers, forest duikers, dik diks, sunis,  grysboks and more,” writes Boddington. “Our record system identifies 40 dwarf or pygmy African  antelopes. No known hunter has taken them all.” 

Author Chuck Bazzy writes a fascinating historic account of Sudan in the 1950s and ’60s. It’s a war-torn  nation now, but back then game animals were prolific, hunting was legal and the country was an Eden.  

Associate Editor Ryan Sparks reports back on an unlikely lake — Jurassic Lake in Argentina — that  could be the best rainbow trout fishing hotspot on the planet. His article, “Welcome To Jurassic,” will  make you respool your reel and pack your bags.  

Editor-in-Chief Comus also reports on a recent nilgai hunt in Texas with a tack-driving Mossberg Patriot. 

Plus, Safari Magazine is not complete without engaging SCI “Member Stories.” These traveling hunters  tell tales ranging from an Arctic polar bear hunt to Cameroon kob and roe deer in Spain. Gear highlights  including Magpul’s new line of rifle cases, and there are updates from SCI’s leadership on the current  state of the organization’s fight for hunters’ rights and wildlife conservation. 

Safari Magazine is mailed to SCI members seven times a year. To receive Safari and enjoy other benefits  of membership, join SCI at 

About Safari Club International: For over 50 years, Safari Club International (SCI) has been the leader in defending the freedom to hunt  and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI is the only hunting rights organization with a  Washington, D.C.-based national and international advocacy team and an all-species focus. SCI mobilizes  nearly 150 chapters and affiliate networks representing millions of hunters around the world. In addition,  SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention is the world’s ultimate sportsmen’s market that celebrates the freedom  to hunt with the world’s premier outfitters, hunting celebrities, and more. No matter what, where, or how  you hunt, SCI defends your freedom to do it as we stand First for Hunters.

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