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Sitka Gear Waterfowl Pantanal Bib Review

Sitka Pantenal Bib


Sitka is known worldwide as a maker of premium hunting clothing.  They engineer and develop industry leading clothing that is made to take anything that serious hunters can throw at it.  Sitka uses performance fabrics and different types of insulation to make systems for any hunting situation.  The principal behind Sitka gear is using various articles of gear to create a system designed for any specific hunting environment.  This allows individual hunters to purchase just the gear they need for their hunting locations and conditions.  It truly is not a one size fits all approach.





In 2012, Sitka came out with their new Optifade Marsh pattern so they could branch out into the waterfowl hunting market.  They were looking to revolutionize waterfowl camo and make it more functional regardless of the hunter’s surroundings.  Other manufacturers produce patterns that look good to the human eye and are really geared towards certain terrains or cover.  Sitka used science to help create this all new pattern for the bird hunters.


The lineup of waterfowl gear is extensive and has something for hunters no matter the season or temperature.  This includes the Pantanal series of gear which features a parka, bibs, gloves, and hat.  Everything in this series features a Gore-Tex lining to help protect hunters from the elements that duck and goose hunters encounter on a regular basis.  I have worn all of these items in some of the worst conditions a hunter can imagine, but have never left the blind wet.  They are rock solid when it comes to protecting you from the outside conditions.


The latest addition to my waterproof lineup was the Pantanal Bib.  These are a versatile set of bibs that will compliment any Sitka waterfowl system a hunter chooses to purchase.  The bibs feature a body-mapping fleece liner on the inside to keep you warm in colder conditions.  The fit of the bibs is great and allows you to layer underneath if needed.  Full length zippers on the legs allow you to get in and out of the bibs without having to take your boots off.  One of my favorite features is the reinforced seat and knees.  This is great for sitting in a blind or kneeling waiting for the birds to commit to the decoys.  I also like the suspenders used on the Pantanal Bib.  Other waterfowl bibs I have used in the past have had big buckles that get in the way when shouldering your shotgun.  On the Pantanal, they are relatively small and don’t get in the way but function great.  The one aspect of both the parka and the bib that I do not care for are the zippers.  They tend to get caught easily when zipping and unzipping the front of the gear.


If you are in the market for some new waterfowl hunting gear, I would suggest that you take a look at what Sitka has to offer.  With their lifetime guarantee on the gear, you can’t go wrong.  No matter the type of hunting you do, there is a large selection of items for hunters to pick from to create the system that works best for them.  No matter what jackets or tops you get, be sure to pick up the Pantanal Bib to round out your new Sitka Waterfowl System.




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Sitka Gear Pantenal Bib Sitka Gear Pantenal Bib


Sitka Gear Pantenal Bib Sitka Gear Pantenal Bib


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