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How to Skin a Deer With an Air Compressor

How to Skin a Deer With an Air Compressor

If you want to compress the task of skinning a deer into a shorter timeframe and make the whole process easier on yourself, use an air compressor. It might sound a bit strange, but once you try it, you’ll never go back. It makes the job easier and helps separate the skin from the flesh without wasting any of the meat.

Want to know how? Follow these steps, and you’ll learn how to skin a deer with an air compressor just in time for hunting season.

Hang Your Deer as You Normally Would

You start the process just like you normally would by hanging your deer. A lot of people hang their deer by the back legs from a gambrel on a meat pole. You could also tie the rope under the head. You can hang it either way, as long as it’s easily accessible. This makes it easier to complete the rest of the necessary steps.

Measure and Cut a Hole

Once you’ve hung your deer, you need to use a knife to cut a hole in the thigh. Make your hole just big enough so you can fit the nozzle of the air compressor inside of it. You might want to measure your compressor’s nozzle and then cut the hole to those dimensions.

Insert the Air Compressor Nozzle

Next, take the air compressor nozzle and insert it into the hole you created in the skin. If the hole is too small, make it a little bit bigger with your knife. If it’s bigger than the nozzle, put a cloth around the nozzle so the fit is airtight.

Turn on the Air

Once the air compressor nozzle is situated securely in the hole you cut in the skin, turn on the air. The deer will then begin to puff up, separating the skin from the meat. This creates a clean separation, which ensures no meat goes to waste. It also requires minimal physical effort.

Repeat as Necessary

Often you will only have to cut one hole, but sometimes some parts of the skin remain stuck. If this happens, cut a hole near the area where it’s stuck and repeat the above steps. Do this until all the skin separates cleanly.

Cut and Remove the Skin

Once you’ve finished that, it’s time to remove the skin completely. Cut the skin on the back legs of the deer. Start at the top and peel downward. It should be relatively easy to remove the skin, since it should already be separated. If any parts are still stuck, use a knife to cut them loose.


After that, you’ll have a cleanly skinned deer with plenty of meat that you can prepare for eating. Of course, there are a lot of other steps you need to complete before the meat will be ready, including removing the organs and aging, cutting, cooking and storing the meat. However, using an air compressor can make the task of skinning your deer easier and quicker and leave you with better results. As surprising as it is, it turns out an air compressor is the perfect tool to use for skinning a deer.

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