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SPYPOINT Insiders Club Delivers Deep Discounts on Data and Accessories with Access to a Host of Valuable Scouting Upgrades

With its LINK series of cameras and the new CELL-LINK device, which can turn virtually any non-cellular camera into a cell cam, SPYPOINT has brought new possibilities to the world of scouting and game management. The manufacturer of world-class trail cameras and scouting tools is announcing the introduction of its new Insiders Club, designed to reward the company’s growing army of users with exclusive discounts and access to unique features as they use their SPYPOINT cameras. 

Membership in the club, which costs just $99.99 per year, enhances the already industry-leading multi-camera management system, and gives members 20% off any photo transmission plan, Full-HD on Request packages, and purchase of accessories on the company’s website, in addition to free shipping on orders placed there. 

Insiders Club members will also benefit from advanced scouting tools, like eight Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) filters that separate photos in the app into categories including buck, antlerless deer, boar, bear, turkey, moose and even a human activity filter that detects people or vehicles. This feature allows for more efficient sorting and viewing of photos transmitted by SPYPOINT devices, including cameras from other manufacturers transmitted via the CELL-LINK. Other benefits include 50 Full-HD on Request image transfers, 500 cloud-based favorited images, 12 months of photo history, and unlimited devices on your account. 

Members will also be able to enter monthly giveaways from industry partners. In addition to the ongoing monthly contests, the Annual Grand Prize, which in 2020 will be a 2020 Chevrolet Custom Trail Boss, 2020 Side-by-Side UTV and a 2020 14’ single-axle trailer will be given to one lucky Insider Club member after the end of the year. 

“SPYPOINT users are passionate about hunting and using trail cameras to make their time in the field more productive, efficient and enjoyable,” said Natalie Gatien, VP of Marketing at SPYPOINT. “Our Insiders Club is designed to maximize the experience people have with our products and give serious hunters the ability to access incredible deals and programs that will make being a part of the SPYPOINT family that much more rewarding.”

The Insiders Club membership is designed specifically for owners of any cellular-capable SPYPOINT devices, including the LINK-series cellular cameras, as well as the all-new CELL-LINK, which turns virtually any trail camera into a SPYPOINT cellular device. With the CELL-LINK priced as low as $59.99, and cellular cameras like the LINK-MICRO available for $149.99, it has never been easier or more affordable to access photos and monitor your hunting locations without disturbing the area and alerting game. 

Consumers can learn more about the Insiders Club by visiting

ABOUT SPYPOINT: From its beginning as a three-employee startup in 2004, SPYPOINT has been focused on innovation and evolution. Since launching our first cellular cameras in 2012 we’ve become the category leader by continually innovating and bringing new products and experiences to our customers. As important as the cameras are, the next evolution for SPYPOINT is developing the most advanced, complete digital scouting system available, the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE. To learn more about SPYPOINT products and technology visit

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