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This is a delicate subject, but we all know it is more difficult for women than men to relieve themselves in the outdoors.  I don’t need to get into all the issues, but suffice it to say, even if the woman is not shy about it, it is challenging.

I was fortunate to get the Squattie Pottie before I came to Africa.  Bowhunting in Africa can mean staying in a blind all day.  In the past it meant getting dehydrated, or sneaking out behind the blind – but risking getting busted by a giraffe or impala and ruining the rest of the day.

Now I am a Squattie Pottie convert with just a little modification.  I didn’t find the reusable bags helpful because of sanitation issues and because I didn’t need to transport my waste.   I also added a longer tube so the waste can be better directed away from shoes or into a larger container such as an empty water or soda bottle.

The actual Squattie Pottie is the best anatomically correct urinal I have seen for women.  It is easy now to relieve oneself discretely.  A rinse with water keeps it clean, and then I store it in a ziplock. 

If you are a women outdoor enthusiast, or know of one, tell them to try the Squattie Pottie.

Ginny Rickards