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20120311_IMG_0618When I turned 40 I began to realize I needed glasses and the first pair I got were pretty good and lasted for two year but I needed new glasses this year because I am tough on them so the search began and after two trips to local stores, I happened upon an infomercial on television and after doing some research I settled on a pair of the Bauhaus Superfocus glasses and I could not be happier. I know it is a little odd to order prescription online from a television commercial and a website but if you do your research, I am sure you will consider it like I did and take the leap of faith. I for one am more then happy with the leap of faith I have made in my investment in the Superfocus system.

I wanted a pair of glasses that could be a bit adjustable because the first standard pair of glasses I had did not seem to focus on my computer screen very well but were perfect for reading and I want to be able to keep my computer at a bit of distance in order to keep my eyes safe and protect them. When I happened upon Superfocus, it all became a bit clearer to me why this system would be beneficial, I can easily adjust the lens for whatever I am doing depending on the distance that I need. The world just became a lot clearer for me with a simple slide of the adjuster and I am seeing things better then ever before. As well with my surgery for Ptosis in the last couple of weeks, I am feeling a whole lot better about my vision.


How Superfocus Works

As simple as Superfocus is to use, its technology is very sophisticated.

20120311_super1Each “lens” is actually a set of two lenses, one flexible and one firm. The flexible lens (near the eye) has a transparent distensible membrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The pocket between them holds a small quantity of crystal clear fluid. As you move the slider on the bridge, it pushes the fluid and alters the shape of the flexible lens. Changing the shape changes the correction. This mimics the way the lenses in your eyes used to perform when you were younger.


This allows you to choose the exact correction that works best for you at any distance and under any lighting conditions. The result: clear, undistorted vision over a wide field of view: no zones, no lines.

Penn Jillette convinced me on that infomercial that these were the glasses for me and instead of going to a set of glasses for only reading or only working on the computer I could now have one set of glasses for all of my work. When I was on the range, I could not see the dials on the scope in order to sight in my rifle and these glasses allow me to just make a simple adjustment depending upon what I am doing.

20120311_UntitledThe process for ordering these glasses is really pretty simple. You first get your prescription and on that prescription you have to ask for a Pupillary Distance Measurement(this is the distance between the center of your nose to your pupil) for both eyes so that when they custom make your glasses they are centered for each of your eyes. You then head on over to Superfocus.com and you can order them online. They have a fantastic customer service center and you can order the glasses on the phone, you can chat with customer service and if just cannot get past ordering glasses online, they have a list of Eye Care locations where you can set an appointment and go in to a brick and mortar location you can check out the list of offices here: http://www.superfocus.com/participating-eye-care-practitioners

20120311_IMG_0619Superfocus also has a tremendous referral program and we would really appreciate your support of HuntingLife.com and our writing here by using our referral code SO-004664 because you get 10% off if you use that code and we get 10% back in the form of a check which means that the next time I need to order another pair of glasses, I will have some money in the account to do so.

The style of these glasses takes a bit of getting used to, they are not the typical glasses that you would look at and they have a unique look to them but after about a week of using these glasses, I couldn’t care what people think about the way they look on my face because I can clearly see what I need to whether that is the smiles on my daughters faces or the text on the menu or my own writing here on the computer screen or the dial on the rifle scope when I go out to shoot. The only con that I have about these glasses is that they attract fingerprints a little more then my last pair of glasses. I have some soft cloths to keep these clean and I find that I am having to clean these glasses a bit more, of course that may be because I am getting more and more used to seeing clearer where with my past glasses, it just didn’t seem to matter as much.

These are a worth a look and they may or may not be a fit for you but they certainly offer a pretty cool option and I for one will be wearing them every single day for the foreseeable future so if you see me, ask to see my glasses, I will be happy to show them off.


Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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