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In Support of Hunting and Free Speech by Adam Dunn

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” The First Amendment of the US Constitution.

I have been a hunter for my entire life, and a Soldier for nearly half of it. I grew up with bb gun and a backyard to chase rabbits and squirrels from my father’s gardens. The lessons learned, and memories made in the field have helped to shape my character and my life.

As a Soldier I learned a great appreciation for our Constitution, for our Declaration of Independence, and all of the laws and documents that together formed our country into one that promotes individual freedom above all else.

As a result of being both a hunter and a former Soldier, it pains me to watch as people who do not believe in hunting coming out to attack those who do. My good friend and a wonderful supporter of Heroes Hunting LLC and Foundation, Kevin Paulson is one of those people under attack right now. Paulson has used his fan site,, to come out in support of Miss Kendal Jones and Kacee Crawford. I will not take sides on that debate; I will only refer to the first amendment of the US Constitution.

Please do not think that I am one sided in this matter. I fully support the rights of those opposed to Miss Jones to be able to speak their minds on the subject. I also support those who will stand in her corner and come to her defense. It is a right given to each of us to be able to voice our own thoughts and feelings on any subject. I will however, draw a hard line in the sand when a person or an organization knowingly takes the voice of a US Citizen.

That is what is happening on July 21 2014. on facebook will be banned for 7 days. This will be the second time that this tactic has been employed against Kevin and his site. The ban is said to be a result of “inappropriate pictures” being displayed on his page. These inappropriate photos are of game animals legally and ethically taken in the field. They are not bloody gory pictures. Let’s be honest most hunters want to remember the time the people and the environment they were in when they had a successful hunt, not the blood of the result. With that in mind when successful hunt concludes we generally attempt to clean the animal up as much as possible for the photo session.

If it is the photos that offend then do not look. If your opinion differs from my own, then let us have a healthy debate or merely agree to disagree. I have never and will continue to not force my beliefs on anyone. If you ask I will tell you my mind, but if you do not like my beliefs you have no right legally or ethically to strip my voice from me.

In this time of trouble for Kevin Paulson and please stand with him and with us at Heroes Hunting in support of freedom. SFC Dunn (US Army Ret)


Adam Dunn Pheasant HuntSent to us by ADAM DUNN – Adam Dunn 14yr Army Vet. Medically Retired at the rank of Sergeant First Class due to injuries received during military career. Adam began hunting at the age of 8 with his father and family friends. He is currently one of the three owners of Heroes Hunting LLC  and one of the three founders of Heroes Hunting Foundation. Adam works with companies dedicated to taking Soldiers hunting and giving them an opportunity to share their stories of deployment with the world.

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