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Suppress Your Shooting this Christmas

Oak Ridge, NC (Nov. 22, 2019) – The holiday season is closing in quickly and it’s time to start thinking about this year’s gifts. Buying for an avid shooter or hunter is no easy task. For many hunters and shooters, they have a laundry list of things they want. For firearm enthusiasts, everything from ammo to new weapons will be on the wishlist.

So how do you go about finding the perfect gift for a gear nut? It’s easy with Silent Legion. Take a look at your loved one’s current arsenal and figure out if they have a weapon to match a suppressor. Silent Legion makes suppressors in both direct-thread and quick detach across around a dozen calibers.

Calibers Available:

  • .30 caliber
  • .223 caliber
  • .22 rimfire
  • .300 Win Mag
  • 9mm
  • .45 ACP
  • .338 Lapua Mag
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 300 Blackout
  • .450 Bushmaster
  • .300 Norma Mag
  • 7.62 AK

After you confirm a match, place your order and pick out some wrapping paper. A suppressor makes for an unexpected surprise gift.

Silent Legion suppressors reduce sound by up to 38 decibels. The sound is muffled and it protects the shooters hearing while reducing recoil. Hunters rarely wear ear protection in the field and a suppressor can really help to protect the ears while concealing their location. Almost every state allows suppressor use and most states allow suppressor hunting. It does not change the way a bullet acts, suppressors simply reduce sound and recoil, making them a benefit to the public and the shooter.

In fact, shooting suppressed can help with accuracy. The reduced recoil reduces recoil anticipation and helps maintain a steady position. Shooting more accurately is a gift that keeps on giving and your hunter will be thrilled at the performance and durability that comes with a Silent Legion suppressor.

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Silent Legion, based in North Carolina, builds suppressors to the highest quality standards in an ISO-9001 certified facility. The company is unique in many ways, such as being owned and led by a prior military service member who is also an accomplished Mechanical Engineer and gun designer.  Silent Legion suppressors are warrantied for life and are available in both quick-detach and direct-thread models for an extremely wide variety of calibers and firearm types. Further, Silent Legion prides itself on including whatever components a buyer needs in the box. That includes suppressor versions with quick-detach mounts, serviceable cores, and even a complete Multi Caliber Kit, all without requiring consumers shop for extra parts.

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