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Space Innovations Lab Tail Table Review

Tailgating, car camping, and picnicking from a small car or SUV has always been a bit problematic because there hasn’t been a table to utilize to put food down and somewhere to hold drinks.  No one wants to set food on the ground and blankets are uncomfortable and get dirty to easily, especially when drinks spill which is often the case on a picnic blanket. Space Innovations Lab has addressed this issue and as long as your vehicle has a latch hook you can have a Tail Table to utilize for your adventures into the outdoors. 

We first had the opportunity to meet Lawrence Bugg the founder of Space Innovations Lab several years ago at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, Colorado.  We had the opportunity to learn a bit about his company and his passion for design and how he came up with the tail table and how he was growing his business.  In fact, it was the design that truly caught our eye and kept our attention over the years.  Every detail had been incredibly well thought out from cup holders for wine glasses to how secure the table was when latched onto a latch hook in the trunk of the car.  The only caveat was that it would not work on a vehicle with a fold down bed like our Tacoma at the time. 

However, the idea continued to resonate in my head and this last year after getting a SUV with a hatchback and a latch hook, we had the opportunity to finally test out the tail table on our very own picnic.   We stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some refreshments and some sushi and headed out to our local park to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary.  It was a warm and perfect day, so the park was a little crowded but we found a nice spot near a large tree and broke out the table and had a wonderful visit just the two of us. We made Mimosas, enjoyed some cheese and crackers and of course the sushi, it was perfect.  Sitting on the back tail of the car worked out extremely well and the center of the back part of the tail works as a perfect cutting table for cheese and apples.  The round center was great to set out food and the drink holders are very well thought out and kept our drinks from spilling. 

The way the design works it is great for two people with enough room to sit on the back tail of the car and have the table in between.  If you have more people you can bring a few extra chairs and everyone had enough room to mill around comfortably and with enough glasses for quite a few friends and family. 

The table locks in incredibly well and it was extremely sturdy and well designed.  The entire packet folds up into a single carry case and if you get the Deluxe package which we highly suggest you have glasses and a full case to carry everything.

               Deluxe Package Includes:

  • 6 – 12oz plastic-stemmed beverage goblets
  • 6 – 6oz plastic drink tumblers 
  • Separate Deluxe Package Bag that perfectly fits the Tail Table + 12 plastic glasses.
  • Drinkware & Deluxe Bag Liner are both Dishwasher Safe
  • Drinkware  made from Tritan – BPA Free Plastic – Highly durable & shatter-resistant
  • Extra storage area for plates/silverware (actual plates & silverware not included)

The tail table is a perfectly wonderful and nice to have accessory.  Is it a must have, probably not but it truly is a nice to have item and ours is going to remain right in the back of our SUV on a regular basis for all of our road trips.  Even if we decide to stop and grab some fast food, the set up on the tail table is so nice and easy and we can sit outside and watch the world go by for just a few minutes of relaxation on long road trips.  The Tail Table is going to make a great gift and we have a few weddings coming up where we know the happy couples are going to like the opportunity to enjoy their own picnics and have a table for some tailgating fun.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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  1. This is a scam company. I was one of the pre-order customers that got scammed out of the product. They continue to sell the product but they do not fulfill orders. I have reported fraud to my credit card company. A simple google search will verify they are a scammer.

  2. Kevin, As I wrote earlier, Space Innovation Labs declared bankruptcy in December 2022, leaving hundreds of early buyers empty handed. The owner mislead buyers for more than a year. I recommend you remove this post encouraging others to buy the few tables offered through the firm website and several online retailers. To lean more, look up a review of the firm on the Colorado Better Business Bureau. Many buyers registered complaints.

  3. Ken, Space Innovation Labs declared bankruptcy in December 2023, leaving hundreds of Tail Table buyers empty handed. The owner lied to buyers over and over again until they were unable to seek credit card refunds for undelivered goods.

    Please update or remove your review. It’s the only honorable action.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    Are you aware that this company is scamming people by taking their money and never shipping the orders? I’ve been waiting for mine for almost 2 years and was told they are bankrupt/going under yet somehow they’re still giving product to people for reviews…

  5. Thank you for this review. I would be curious to know when you purchased your table. I purchased one 2 years ago but have never received it. I gather this has happened to numerous people.

    I guess I am concerned that your review ( I think it is likely an awesome product, if you actually received it) gives the impression of a smoothly operating company with a great product. I’ve emailed multiple times and never get a clear answer. I don’t want others to experience what I and others have…
    And I would hate to see your reputation tarnished by association.

    Thanks for listening and I hope your table continues to give you the outdoor joy I was hoping to experience.

  6. Kevin,
    It’s nice you were able to get your Tail Table. I ordered one, and paid in full, when I saw it on Facebook. Fast forward two years and Lawrence’s company is stating that they are bankrupt and most people will not be receiving theirs and also no refunds. It’s absolutely infuriating that they are still advertising their product. Consider yourself lucky.

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