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TETRA Hearing Shares “The Cold Hard Truth” About Waterfowl Hunting Without Hearing Protection

Every waterfowler loves to watch a group of mallards commit to the decoy spread. Once that decision is made, there’s no turning back. Hearing loss from waterfowling is really no different. Once that decision is made to hunt unprotected, there’s no turning back. Ears can and will be damaged.

Much like the game of football, waterfowling is a beloved American tradition. As with hard hits in football, the hearing damage incurred when waterfowl hunting can have lasting, debilitating impacts on our brain and quality of life…and that’s The Cold Hard Truth.

Science has proven that moderate hearing loss results in a 3 times higher risk category for Alzheimer’s and dementia compared to another person of the same age and healthy hearing ability.

In 2019, Dr. Bill Dickinson and Dr. David Gnewikow started TETRA Hearing in response to emerging research around hearing damage and the fact that data shows nearly 90% of waterfowl hunters don’t use hearing protection.

TETRA’s AlphaShield and CustomShield products for waterfowlers allow you to hunt protected, and still hear the hunting sounds we all love—calling, whistling wings, and buddies talking. According to Dickinson, TETRA solved all of the issues with traditional devices that caused so many to hunt unprotected.

The Cold Hard Truth” campaign isn’t just about TETRA, it’s about all of us,” said Dr. Dickinson, CEO and co-founder of TETRA Hearing. “We want everyone to realize the damage that’s being done to your brains when you’re not wearing anything to protect your hearing. Ask yourself this question…Why do you go to the gun range and shoot with both eye and ear protection, but when you go to the duck blind, you don’t use any protection? Oftentimes when you’re hunting, you’re shooting just as much if not more. Waterfowl hunting without hearing protection has to stop.”

TETRA Hearing wants everyone to be united on this front. Whether it’s an advertisement, editorial coverage, video or social post, there should always be some type of hearing protection in the ears of the ones in front of the camera (and behind if there are gunshots).

Check out the facts related to The Cold Hard Truth, and read Dr. Dickinson’s blog as he shares his take on the risks of waterfowl hunting without hearing protection. Join TETRA in this movement today by using #CommitToHear.

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