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The 6 Pieces Of Cold-Weather Gear Every Hunter Should Own

Wondering what you should buy to be outfitted for cold weather hunting? We can help.

If you are thinking of taking up cold weather hunting, you should be prepared. In fact, not being prepared is likely to get you killed out there, so it’s best to go hunting in warmer weather, first. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

If you are an experienced hunter and you want to move your game up to the next level, then we can help. Buying better gear will last you longer, so the first rule is that we don’t scrimp on gear. When you are out in the mountains in mid-winter hunting deer, the last thing you want is a gear failure that leads to hypothermia. There’s no ambulance on this earth able to pick you up from a deserted mountain trail, so keep that in mind.

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, here are the 6 pieces of gear that you absolutely should not leave home without.

The 6 Pieces Of Gear No Cold Weather Hunter Should Be Without

Before you rush off to buy new hunting gear for your winter trip, here’s a list of the essential pieces that will boost your quality of life in the field.

1 – A Merino Wool Base Layer

You will need a base layer that’s warm, comfortable, and doesn’t rip or snag on the undergrowth. A merino wool base layer will keep you warm in winter, without making you sweat. It’s odor resistant, tear resistant, and high-quality fabric. A base layer is usually a vast and long Johns, though you may find that you want a long-sleeved top, instead. You can see this article on how to care for your merino wool.

OK, so technically it’s two pieces, but it still ought to be your number 1 stop.

2 – Hand and feet warmers

You know how you get those little packets of heat pads that last for 8-18 hours? They are activated by crunching the packet up, then they have an adhesive back. You are not supposed to place them directly onto your skin, but you can use them between layers. These heat pads are your best friend during aw inter hunt. Place them on your extremities or on the lower back where your clothing meets for best results.

3 – Portable Heater

The gear you need to stay warm in winter isn’t always clothing related. A small heater for your tent can work wonders to keeping you warm at night. If you don’t use a gas heater, you can use a travel stove. You should even think about buying a tent that has a stove built into it, or even a brazier with a space for a flue. This could keep you alive when temperatures drop.

4 – Merino or Neoprene Gloves

Again, with the merino wool, but it’s so warm that you will wear it once and suddenly understand the hype. Merino gloves will be soft, warm, and comfortable, whereas neoprene gloves are often favored by hunters with a preference for fishing. They have decent grip for your weaponry or rods, and they don’t get wet. If you’re hunting in snow, a glove that repels water is as good as a fire.

5 – Socks!

How many pairs of socks can you pack in that bag? Double it and you will be somewhere near how many thick socks you need. Wet feet cause trench foot, which leads us to our next point…

6 – Snow Boots

If you are out hiking in the mountains in cold weather, you need trusty footwear. You don’t just need one pair of boots, either. If they get wet, you are in for a world of discomfort. Instead, take two sets of boots and ensure they have good grip and better waterproofing. A pro tip is to pack a candle in your pack. If your boots start to leak, rub wax over the leak and melt it.

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