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The Shooting Party (“TSP”) of Shenstone, Staffs, UK, the Shooting & Outdoor Pursuits company, announced today an up-graded moisture filtration system for the AirForceOne ® “AirRamtm” 300 BAR Portable PCP Airgun Compressor.

  • The AirRam MK II is now shipped, as standard, with an improved moisture filtration system that features ‘DRI-PAK’ desiccated media within a longer (18cm”)  all-brass filter body with a  larger bore (3.5cm) that attaches directly to the compressor by way of an in-built “Foster-style” connector. The new system removes over 90%+ of all moisture, and additional DRI-PAK media is included with the compressor.” said Mike Hurney, Chairman, TSP.

 “The AirRamtm compressor has been further developed over the last nine months by ourselves and our manufacturing partners. The most important new feature is that you can now pre-set your desired fill-pressure on a digital display to-190, 232-or indeed any level between 1-300 BAR and the unit will automatically switch off when the selected pressure is achieved. The compressor has also been up-rated from a single-stage to a two-stage design, which offers faster filling and reduced noise levels. We have increased the length of both the power cable and the filler hose to market- leading lengths of 2 metres and 1.5 metres respectively. We have expended significant amounts of time and money in obtaining EU “CE Mark” certification to ensure that the product is both safe and legal for sale within the UK & the rest of the EU. Unfortunately, many compressors now on sale do not have such certification which is of great concern when the units combine the use of electricity and water within the same ultra-high pressure device.

The  AirRamtm is completely self-contained; Compact and fully portable, weighing in at 18 Kilograms / 40 pounds and measuring 35cm x 17.5cm x 38.3cm / 14 inches x 7 inches x 15 inches, it fills a ‘Buddy Bottle’ from Zero to 500 millilitre at 300bar / 4350psi in under 3 minutes and can also fill ‘on-gun’ PCP air cylinders with the standard ‘Foster’ style connector fitted to the hose.  Divers Bottles can also be directly filled, using the optional Quick Fill Divers Bottle Adapter (RRP £19.99). Powered by standard mains 220-240 Volts AC / 50 Hertz supply (UK Power Cord supplied) It has a noise level of 82 Decibels, that is perfectly acceptable in most garage, shed or workshop environments.” Hurney added.

“Every compressor is accompanied by a detailed user manual, with a link to a full “How to” video produced by Mike Duffy of Airgun Review TV and presented by Charlie Shepherd, Sales Director TSP. The unit has a unique 12 months Parts & Labour Warranty and a full range of spares, consumables and accessories are available from us in the UK. Best of all, the new “MK II” retains the same ultra-low price of £699 as the original.” Hurney concluded.

AirForceOne® precision adult airguns and accessories are manufactured for the brand owner, TSP, and exclusively distributed to the UK Trade by them.

SRP: £ 699 Including England & Wales Mainland Courier Delivery *Delivery Charges apply outside these areas.


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