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The Huntress Mother’s Day Wish List Part One

Mother’s Day Wish List


The snow is gone for most of us (as I’m writing this, a winter storm warning hovers over a huge swath of northwest Nebraska and just about all of South Dakota), the daffodils have opened their happy faces to the sun, the trees are thinking hard about budding.  I know many of you are out searching for that spring gobbler.  In all the excitement of the season, it would be easy to forget that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.


As a mother of two young children, I know Mother’s Day will begin with a child-prepared breakfast in bed.  If you’re wondering, it will most likely include dry toast, juice, and a random piece of candy leftover from Easter – I love it.  The remainder of the day will see us outside: a walk in the prairie, maybe some fishing at a nearby lake, a picnic.  While planning an outdoor day for the mother in your life, you might also want to give her a gift for the outdoors.


I’ve crafted a Top Ten list of gifts for the mother in your life.  I hope the list gives you some ideas.  Feel free to share your own ideas and by all means share your love for the outdoors with your mom!


Portola Fishing1.  Fishing and Spa Package  –  Check out this vacation package!  You will be greeted with warm homemade chocolate chip cookies upon arrival at the Portola Hotel & Spa at Monterey Bay.  Enjoy access to relaxing cabanas, Jacuzzi, outdoor heated pool, and fitness center before you stay in one of the hotel’s nautically inspired guest rooms.  Package this stay with a deep sea fishing excursion for two with Randy’s Fishing.  All your deep sea fishing needs are provided, including fishing rod, tackle, fishing license, and gunny sack for the fish you will reel in.  You can book this package today at


Prois Women's Hunting Clothing2.  Hunting Clothing  –  Really, anything you select at will do the trick when it comes to women’s hunting clothing.  From jackets and pants to gear and accessories, Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women looks to “maximize efficiency and functionality in the field” with quality material designed to provide waterproofing, windstopping, silence, and thermoregulation – all created with women in mind. If the mother in your life is a serious outdoorswoman, just about anything from Prois will let her know you care about her and her passion for the outdoors.


Sog Skinning Knife3.  A Good Knife  –  What do they say about giving knives as a wedding gift? Bad luck? Not so for Mother’s Day.  Whether it’s for hunting, outdoor, tactical, or just everyday carry use, SOG provides quality, field-tested knives, flashlights, and multipurpose tools.  Think about a well-crafted knife like the new Slipzilla for everyday use or the Huntspoint knives designed for skinning and boning.  Or perhaps a multipurpose tool like the Powerassist EOD.  It includes screwdrivers, straight and serrated blades, scissors, and a needle-nose plier among other devices. Not a bad tool to keep in the glove box of Mom’s car.  Check out for all they have to offer.  Their products truly are exceptional.  On top of that, I have to say they look pretty bad-ass.  Mom would feel better just knowing such a tool was hers to use.


Watson's Ladies Base Layer4.  Base Layering  –  I know we are heading out of the cold season, but it is never the wrong time to outfit your mom in performance base layers.  Watson’s Base Layer for Women is a line of warm and durable layers perfect for the “active woman who is always on the go, or someone who just likes to stay warm and cozy at home.”  Who doesn’t know someone who falls within that range? Look up the product line at  Watson’s base layering can also be found at a variety of outdoor retailers including Cabela’s.



Woody Max Women's Boots5.  Boots  –  If you are planning on spending any time outdoors with Mom, you might like to surprise her with a pair of Muck Boots.  The Muck Boot Company offers products for work, outdoor sporting, and casual settings.  I have had the pleasure of wearing the Women’s Wetlands by Muck Boots and let me tell you three things: warm, durable, and easy.  Honestly, if I didn’t own a pair already, these would be at the top of my wish list.  I love them!  Check them out at


To Be Continued Later this week!!!



Marjorie Paulson

Marjorie Paulson began her passion for the outdoors through backpacking in our national parks. Her love for locally grown organic food has brought her into the world of hunting and we will chronicle her passion for living the Hunting Life!

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