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The Orvis Dog Bed for Miko

Miko and Odie enjoying the new Orvis Dog Couch

Miko is getting bigger every day, and at four months old she needed her own bed. The rule in our house is no dogs on the couch or our bed.  When we caught up with the team at Orvis, we asked for the opportunity to test out the new Comfortfill-Eco dog beds. We worked with them to select the right bed for Miko.

Orvis has worked hard over the last several years to make the right decisions in sourcing and building products that make a difference for our lives and our world. “Our product development team is inspired to help active dogs and their humans live their best lives outdoors,” says Angela Menendez, Orvis divisional merchandise manager of dog and gift. “Our new Comfortfill-Eco checks all the boxes for us. It’s the same uncompromising comfort and quality we have been producing since the mid-70s, made even better by keeping millions of bottles out of landfills and oceans.”

Comfortfill-Eco is made from 100-percent-recycled plastic bottles. Orvis estimates this will keep more than 15 million bottles out of landfills each year. Comfortfill-Eco filling stays in place with a chambered liner that prevents shifting and clumping and provides the plush comfort that active dogs need.  Orvis’s larger initiative is to add more products to its line that support the health of the environment. Orvis also offers clothing made from recycled plastic water bottles and oyster shells.

These new dog beds from Orvis come in small, medium, large and extra-large.  Orvis dog beds also come in a number of styles, colors, patterns and cloths.  Miko has the couch dog bed in Brown Tweed with her name right stitched on the front. The deep removable cushion can be unzipped, removed, and washed in the washing machine. In fact, the entire bed is machine washable. Orvis also offers a ToughChew double-layer construction designed to withstand the most persistent chewers, diggers and bed-shredders.

Miko loves her couch bed. She stretches out on it at times and burrows into the center cushion, but most of all she sleeps on this couch.  The bed is large, which is great because Miko is growing into it. I couldn’t be happier having a space for her sleep and knowing that it is comfortable for her and environmentally friendly.

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