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The River’s Divide by Donnie Vincent Film Review


Donnie Vincent’s debut film, The River’s Divide is a feature length documentary following Donnie Vincent on his two year bowhunting quest for a single whitetail buck notoriously nicknamed ‘Steve’. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the North Dakota Badlands, an amazing story unfolds as Donnie experiences the highs and lows of chasing a single animal in the middle of the vast wilderness. Experience each step of the way as Donnie’s raw emotion and insight pull you into this once in a lifetime story.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Marjorie and getting the chance to watch this full length feature film on a sneak preview.  We were glued to the screen for the 40 plus minutes of the film through the highs and lows of this singular quest for a single whitetail buck.  Donnie Vincent is a man driven to take this one buck and the footage covers 2 full years of hunting and rolls with emotion throughout the film.  Donnie’s insight into the hunt and his dedication to the process are inspiring and the cinematography within this film are exceptional.  The backdrop of North Dakota’s badlands, the animals and the raw emotion are palpable and this film is a must see!!!

The River’s Divide debuted at the Full Draw Film Tour as the encore presentation through 13 western cities. If you’d like to see the full length film please subscribe by e-mail at DonnieVincent.com to learn more about the upcoming release dates. Also, follow along with Donnie’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.




SICMANTA PRESENTS: Donnie Vincent’s The River’s Divide | Trailer from Sicmanta on Vimeo.


Kevin Paulson

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