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Three Pistol Case Options

We have gotten in three different pistol cases to be able to show some of the options on the market to secure your pistol while traveling. These are the 3 options we have had the pleasure to test and each device offers a distinct advantage depending upon your needs. We like to think of gun cases in regards to need and how you want to travel with your firearm. Each of these cases provide 3 distinct use cases.

Plano Stealth™ EVA Pistol Case

This soft sided pistol case can work for both quick trips to the gun range as well as storage in your luggage or in your gun safe especially for short trips. This small lightweight, portable case has the durability of a hard case but is not lockable. The Stealth EVA construction provides structure to hold your firearm without any unnecessary extra bulk. This allows you to slide this small case into larger bags and walk in and out of your vehicle without showing your pistol. This case almost looks like the case you get when you have a fancy set of headphones hiding your weapon in plain sight. The stealth pistol case holds a single handgun and maybe an extra magazine or two. This keeps your gun safe but the case cannot be locked. It’s great for quick transportation and carrying your gun in places where you don’t want to let folks know what is in the case. It’s super easy to throw into your pack and hit the range.

Plano Rustrictor™ All Weather 2™ 2-Pistol Case

The Plano Rustrictor AW2 allows you to protect your firearm against rust and corrosion while you are storing your firearm for a long period of time. With an impenetrable case and a dual-stage lockable latches and travel ready protection. This case is rugged, lockable and can be used to travel on airplanes when properly declared and checked. A VCI-infused resin and foam emitter blocks rust and corrosion and the Dri-Loc seal allows you to utilize this case to keep your pistol protected long term. The PLUCK-TO-FIT foam allows you to put in your pistol, magazines and other small items. This makes a great case for long-term storage and travel.


The STEELHEAD Outdoors Lock Box is a Heavy Duty Pistol box that is perfect for handgun storage at home or locked in to your vehicle. This Lockbox has an optional security cable that allows you to lock this box in to your vehicle and secure your pistol under the seat of your vehicle. It is imperative that traveling with your pistol that you have the most secure lockbox you can afford and you can secure the box in to your vehicle or secure it in your home or even in your hotel room should you need to while traveling. This lockbox is a solid 11 lbs and is 8.5 by 11 inches deep and 3 inches tall. The keylock provides analog security with a lock pick proof multi-sidebar design and a drill resistant body. No one is getting in to this safe without a blowtorch. The Steelhead Outdoors Lock Box is TSA compliant if you need to travel and it is quick and easy to lock in to a rental car or hotel room.

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