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Titan Deep Freeze Review

This summer I have been testing two different coolers.  It’s been great to compare and contrast the features and the performance.  Today I am covering the Titan Deep Freeze® 55Q Premium Ice Chest Roto Cooler.  We specifically focused on hard sided coolers, and we have been extremely pleased with the quality and ice retention of this cooler.  Every cooler that we focus on needs to be certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.  This cooler meets all of the standards for bear resistance and comes with a variety of features that should make you take a serious look at the Titan Deep Freeze.

The Titan 55 qt. cooler boasts a very strong claim of keeping ice up to eight days.  We tested this with cubed ice as well as a water-filled milk jug that had been frozen for two weeks.  The milk jug still had some ice at the end of eight days, and our cubes lasted into the seventh day.  Most importantly, our sodas were still cold enough to enjoy.  This cooler is built using roto molding technology and Microban built in protection to keep the cooler free of bacterial odors and stains.  It is easy to keep clean. 

The T-latches on this cooler are as solid as can be.  They keep the cooler well latched, and the lid has a full 360° rubber gasket, both of which of are corrosion resistant.  The cooler is fitted with anti-skid feet which keeps it solidly on the bed of my truck. The cooler has built-in locking mounts to keep your drinks and food safe from bears and buddies.  The cooler comes with a wire basket, padded side handles and we especially liked the oversized drain.

The Titan Deep Freeze® comes with a 5-year limited warranty and comes with free shipping directly from the manufacturer.  This makes the price of this cooler ($245.00) very reasonable.  The cooler comes in two colors.  We liked the gray look with the fish ruler on the lid.  Take a hard look at these coolers from ArcticZone.com

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