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Today’s Turkey Hunter e-book Review

Today's Turkey HunterTurkey hunting has become a multi-million dollar industry across the United States.  Most hunters would argue that pursuing the elusive bird is one of the greatest challenges a hunter can face while out in the field.  There are more sportsmen and women each year that show interest in turkey hunting, but have no idea where to begin.  A new e-book that has hit the market can provide these new turkey hunters some insight into what is needed to target their first “thunder chicken.”

Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. has published an e-book called “Today’s Turkey Hunter.”  The e-book is available for download on PC, iPad, and iPhone.  The cost for the e-book is $.99 for each chapter, of which there are nice, or $2.99 for the entire book if purchased all at once.  The chapters are broken down by subject matter ranging from basic gear needed for turkey hunting to the different species of turkey in North America.  There are also basic tactics for calling in a long-beard to some more advanced options for filling a tag.

One of the more difficult aspects of turkey hunting to master is the art of calling.  Both male and female turkeys make a range of different calls that can all be replicated on various types of calls.  This interactive e-book provides the reader with recordings of different types of vocals a hunter will want to replicate while in the woods.  There are also videos showing how the different types of calls work.  Being proficient on at least one type of turkey call will greatly improve the success of the hunter.  Most hunters take a few styles of calls out into the field to provide a wide range of sounds and volumes as well as having calls to help minimize movement when a trophy Tom is within sight.

Today's Turkey Hunter Screenshot“Today’s Turkey Hunter” provides some great advice for the hunter looking to get equipped for a hunt.  While some equipment is carried over from other types of hunting, there are a few other pieces of gear specific to turkey hunting that must be considered before heading to the field.  Some of these items include decoys, turkey choke tubes for your shotgun, calls, ground blinds, and turkey vests.  All of this gear along with some additional items is laid out in the e-book for hunters of all skill level to use as a guideline before heading to a retailer.  The book also does a great job of laying out strategies for using your turkey gear while chasing birds.  There are different strategies for hunting birds depending on the season which are also described in one of the chapters.

Hunters that are new to chasing turkeys might be intimidated by the gear they are required to purchase for a successful hunt.  Along with the gear, there are various strategies that are required to put down a bird.  “Today’s Turkey Hunter” has great information to the rookie or the seasoned vet.  Chasing birds regardless of season will provide not only a challenge, but a hunting experience second to none.  A wild turkey hunt will provide many great memories as well as heartache, however the table fare they provide make it worth the challenge.  “Today’s Turkey Hunter” is a great tool to help increase your odds of punching a tag.

To purchase a copy of Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc. new e-book “Today’s Turkey Hunter” visit https://www.inkling.com/store/book/todays-turkey-hunter-kalkomey-enterprises-1st/

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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