Trulock Introduces the Winchester Longbeard XR™ Choke Tube


Trulock introduces its new Longbeard XR™ series of choke tubes designed specifically for Winchester’s popular Longbeard XR™ turkey load.

Longbeard XR™Providing you the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any lead turkey load Winchester has ever offered, the Longbeard XR™ turkey load drops gobblers at distances out to 60 yards. Shot-Lok™ Technology protects the shot during in-bore acceleration, launching the round in a near-perfect circle for hard-hitting and extremely tight long-range patterns.

Trulock has designed each Longbeard XR™ choke model to be specific to the shot size being used.

George Trulock, owner of Trulock Choke Tubes, said, “If you shoot different shot sizes through the same choke, you could see a big difference in the pattern for each size. That’s why we decided to make each choke model specific to the Longbeard XR™ ‘s #4, #5 and #6 shot, and to tell you the truth, the results were quite impressive.”

Combine the Longbeard XR™ turkey load with Trulock’s new LongBeard XR choke tubes to maximize the shell’s performance. With this remarkable combo, you can expect 10% greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards and twice the number of pellets in a 10″ circle out to 60 yards.

Longbeard XRThe choke tube and shell combination should be the last thing on a hunter’s mind when that tom is in range. By developing shot-size-specific chokes and pairing them with Longbeard XR™ Turkey Loads, Trulock Choke Tubes gives the hunter all the confidence he needs to make it a successful hunt.

Initally the Longbeard XR™ choke is offered for the following popular brands in #5 and #6 shot models: Winchester Winchoke™/Browning Invector™/Mossberg Accu Choke™, Browning Invector Plus™, Beretta /Benelli Mobil Choke™ and Remington Rem Choke™. The # 4 shot specific tube will be available later this spring, with other choke designs to follow.

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